The Seed Of Gratitude


The moment of intention,

A seed is planted.

A wish is granted,

To help it grow.

With eyes closed,

A prayer of hope,

Into the earth the seed shall go.

Quenched with the living waters,

Fed with the grace of love that is solar;

This is the space where we reap what we sow.

With every glorious morn,

The earth encourages a life to be born;

Through the soil green blessings adorn.

Nurtured by all of Nature,

It reaches for sun-lite,

a benediction to Creation.

With patience and care,

Entwined in the dancing air,

Cascaded in warm rains,

The seed is now a plant.

As I bow in Gratitude,

For it’s purpose it knew.

To nourish a family,

The most selfless act of being free.

Giving it’s life for another,

To a child and a mother;

So we may strengthen our energy.

All the elements it takes,

To help this seed create,

To become and to BE;

Now an endless part of me.

On this peaceful day, I offer up my thanks;

I celebrate,

The Seed of Gratitude.


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