Ever After (The Inferno)


In a world here-after, there is a never ending.

A place where all the daydreams connect,  a sanctuary of wishes pending.

There are rivers of tears that sparkle like diamonds,

For every broken heart they came from,

Another turns a light on.

In this world our hearts are gold;

There is infinite beauty that shines from our souls.

All the promises begin to unfold;

All of the lessons we learned made us grow.

In this place we create as perfection;

All that surrounds us flows with connection.

There is nothing needed, nothing left behind;

There is no separation, we can feel with our minds.

Bonds unify as the eternal kind, kindred of Spirit reunite as divine.

Let go and trust, for in flight we go home;

The inferno of love changes us all.

Meet me again, in the ever after;

In the never ending,  in the now and forever…

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