Be Gentle (Inspired by Patrick Smith)

May9th2013 012

Be gentle with yourself,
Our wings are made of wishes.
Be gentle with others,
Our hearts are made of promises.
The wind is gentle as it lifts us to serenity;
The trickling streams are gentle beneath our tired feet.
The rain is gentle as it washes away what is not needed.
The sun is gentle as it gifts us with such sacred heat.
The stars are gentle as they call us to dream;
The earth is gentle as it allows us to plant our seeds.
Spirit is gentle with the lessons and teachings;
The light is gentle as our souls are reaching.
Be gentle, for many eyes are weeping, many lives are seeking;
Much patience is breaking, as many are waking slowly.
With grace and ease, offer those who ask relief;
Even if for a moment to breathe,
Trust the conscious way to live,
Know you have the gift to give;
This is the experience of gentleness.

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