Ice Spirit

Feb28th2014 032

Suspended in time, a vision of the divine;
Shrouded, she is silent.
A mask covers her eyes;
Make no mistake, she can see where most are blind.
Surrounding her are the seven cloaks of light.
Her heart is the eternal fire.
Do not peer into the ice with your mind;
Do not seek her outline.
She reveals when the pure of soul and intention align.
Make nothing of her imprint;
Give no meaning to the ice Spirit.
She is an apparition, with no condition.
She is an echo of trust;
She will fade when the sun comes.
What does she invoke from your moment?
Are you fearless enough to own it?
She is no space of wanderlust.
Gather your hope and sentiments.
You’ll meet her again in the Universe.

Moonbeams And Dreams

aug29th2012 002

Astral release; congruent with a dream.
Moving like fluid, lit like moonbeams.
Fractals, spirals, experience infinity.
Superimposed as a kiss,
A soul-r eclipse.
Refract into bliss.
A Universe expands, from your pineal glad radiates energy.
Synergy beautiful being.
Come and infuse with me.
We are the equation of reverberation,
You speak of Ascension,
To another dimension,
We teach you to go deep.
Sublime reflexes, from the solar plexus;
You must let go to see,
The possibility.
The mind is relentless, thoughts are endless;
You must know the Spirit is free.
Creation is the siren of melody.
Breath is the harmony.
Soul is the energy.
Heart is the center of everything.
Vibrate your golden string.
You are connected and soaring.
The nomads of the spheres are exploring thee.
In your night en-devour, as your reaching through the Heavens;
Listen for me.
I sing the song of moonbeams and dreams.

We Grow

Feb22nd2014 013

Life forms beneath the surface;
Love makes it worth it.
We break ground and reach;
Side by side for eternity.
Living on sun, earth, air and rain;
Began their purpose on earth again.
This existence is one of patience;
To live in stillness,
Within the elements,
Grateful for the simpleness.
We grow, side by side;
To bloom from our hearts,
As we did in the light.


June7th2012 041

Growing and creeping across an old bench;
A mystery, a shadow, a vine of the past.
Entwined in a moment;
Hidden just beyond the darkness,
A poets verse, a song never written.
As the paint begins peeling,
The wood is revealing – a heart carved by a lovers wish.
In the silence, in the soft night air, a story is told by an ancient.
In the creeks of movement, a memory fuses into a smile;
Long ago an innocent child played here carefree and wild.
This place is ageless, this garden is sacred;
It holds reverence for all that is timeless.
Now left for ruin?
Still… the beautiful essence is captured in all who sit.

Reveal To Me Angel

spiritsunsept7th2012 037

With all my being I unfold;
Every layer, every level.
In the center of my heart,
Expanding infinite source.
I am calling;
Would you know?
Do you feel the pull?
Does your soul understand the love?
Like the reflection of light on the water, can you see mine?
Am I your mirror that transcends time?
Why do we act blind?
There is no web, there is no fib;
I am the union waiting to happen.
Existence is shifting,
The veil is lifting.
I can’t do this without you.
The touch of an Angel, is always there.
Your energy is the most graceful prayer.
Come down from Heaven and hold me here.

The Seat


Weary traveler, come sit with me.
This is the dreamer’s place, where imagination’s meet.
Under the branches of the oblivion tree;
There is a bench that wades the waters of simplicity.
Here you can get lost in your memories.
Come rest nomad, this is a place to create;
All the fairy-tales and fantasies gather in the sun’s ray’s.
Time eludes us in this space.
Step out of your mind, leave the world behind and just be.
For when you wake;
There will be much more to your journey.

Blending And Merging


A warmth of heart, fluid and without form.
I want to go home.
Where we all experience each other directly.
Where there is no depression, self-destruction, no jealousy.
I want to go home,
Where we know each other as beautiful,
Where we are pure souls,
Where we are eternal and understand we are ONE.
I want to go home.
Where we can shine like the sun.
Where fear is an experience we observe,
Where truth never hurts,
Where light is purpose and love is not just a word.
I want to go home.
Where our Spirits blend,
Where hearts merge,
Where colors are symphonies and energy is heard.
I want to go home.
I want to echo… in the universe.

The Hands (the action keepers of the heart)

sept17th2012 016


Do we recognize the profound grace and beauty?
The delicate nature, the rough edges?
Every blister is a merciless heart reaching beyond ideals.
A child – like sculpture formed by imagination and hopeful fingers.
A compassionate caress given in the midst of a moment’s distress.
A strong grip to lift a heavy stone in a newly sewn garden.
A trace of a soft face in an almost familiar way – of a newborn babe.
A cupping of water to sip after a long and fear – filled journey.
A love filled strum of a guitar string;
An excited pull on an apron, as each knuckle kneads the dough in need of baking.
A deep wound bleeding – as a shattered glass piece was found from an argument.
Look down as your typing;
The fingers touching every key…
Creating a lifetime you could feel, touch, hold and set free.

The Story Of The Ice, Fire And Winds

Feb12th2014 001

Ancient and sentimental secrets fell from the sky one day;
He was standing on the open plains,
The earth began to heave and sway.
With all his strength – his hands raised;
He sang to the Elders a Prayer of Spirit.
Across the great divide, the Winds came.
Howling, rushing, encasing and sovereign.
He knelt in the most powerful glory, waiting for the answer to be.
The Winds took the music of his voice to the clouds;
The Keepers mixed his wishes with water and fire.
Thunders echoed loud.
All the mountains came rolling down;
Then time froze…
Ice crackled and broke in the aether;
The winds carved a space in his wonder,
The fire pulled him under.
The ice broke his heart;
Trust reformed it again.
He was a new man.
He was created of the elements.
Now a watcher of the land,
He took her hand – and showed her the way…



Feb12th2014 043

We are liquid, expanding and suspended.
In a breath, we are transcended.
From inside out;
We are imploding,
From the outside in,
We are exploding.
The mind tries to make sense,
Of all the oddities and coincidence.
A flash, a shadow, the sensation of movement.
Nature does not create phenomenon,
That is a paradox man looks upon.
The complexities we try to unravel;
Are part of the universal formula for marvel.
We are all light and star-dust.
We are monochromatic, polyphonic silence.
All that we think we see blinds us.
You can’t move ahead, when you want what’s behind us.
Sit in the quiet;
Open your mind up;
Touch the beauty,
In a Spiritual science.

The Incredible Desensitization Of Wasted Dinners

Electromagnetic generation;
Impatience is the new vibration.
Digitized and immobilized;
When was the last time we exercised?
Communication is not eye to eye,
I’ll abbreviate my emotions and text you on Skype.
Grab a quick meal at the dollar store,
Made of combustible, material.
Mom made us dinner;
Can we eat it at our desk?
I’m watching YouTube and Facebook (can’t miss a friend request!)
Made with love and served with care;
A roast beef, some spinach, potatoes sit there.
Mom; it’s good and all, but we like pizza!
Can’t we get McDonald’s or those hot dogs in the freezzzzah?
A sigh and Mom – reason: “sometimes that’s ok”;
We need good nutrition to make it through the day!
So they laugh and move the food around,
Pick and dissect it,
Place the roast beef under potatoes and then cover the spinach!
Is that the phone?
Is that the door?
Mom, I don’t want anymore.
As I sit at the table, my grateful heart sinks;
At the desensitization of wasted dinner,
It’s time for a change.


nov16thsunset 012


A wave came in, as the sun refracted across the surface;

A haze hushed the atmospheric pressure.


Can you hear the atoms kiss?

The sands shift, every step becomes an imprint;

Turn around and notice,  the winds have blown them all away.


Everything echoes here;

Reverberation envelopes – like a shadow traces.

Inspiration appears.

Everything is livid with color;

Everything is liquid, nothing is solid.

Words become symphonic strings;

A paintbrush creates a sacred melody.

Inverted and morphing;

We dance like DNA.


To the tone of experience.

The chasm of existence,

To the impeccable and undeniable light of being.





Is it a dream?

A sonic boom fills my room;

The sound barrier has brought me through.

I walk out into the street,  there is an opening in the horizon;

All structure of thought, all reason and ideas I’m taught, just fade away.

I turn around to touch the ground, suddenly it’s not as real as it used to be.

Where does this lead?

On the quay of instinct and imagination;

I walk forward in fascination.

I am not who I expected to be.

Memories rise from my soul, from my heart-center unravels infinite rainbows.

I drop misconception, no longer solidified in being present;

I am not longer sure I existed.

This is the precipice of man and nature.

I awaken.

The Spirit Of The Tree


Mitakuye oyas’in.

I am part of you, you are part of me;

We are together in Spirit, beneath the tree.

Carried on the willow wisps a thousand years;

Set down in the meadows, forests and fields;

A child running free  across the sun – warmed sands;

An Eagle lifting off the mountain.

A reflection of Luna illuminating a stream;

In the Eyes of Tunkašila (Grandfather);

In the Breath of wakan yeja (baby).

In the hands of wisdom keepers,

Beyond the mind of the silent sleepers;

Is the Spirit of the Tree;

Called are the trusting, left are the weary.

Ask to know the great mystery;

The sky will touch you as you dream;

The medicine will find you as journey.

The wind will hold you in your peace.

The Elders will show you in the light of the tree.

Tókiya yaúnhan hwo?

Come back to Creation, where Nature is healing.