The Spirit Of The Tree


Mitakuye oyas’in.

I am part of you, you are part of me;

We are together in Spirit, beneath the tree.

Carried on the willow wisps a thousand years;

Set down in the meadows, forests and fields;

A child running free  across the sun – warmed sands;

An Eagle lifting off the mountain.

A reflection of Luna illuminating a stream;

In the Eyes of Tunkašila (Grandfather);

In the Breath of wakan yeja (baby).

In the hands of wisdom keepers,

Beyond the mind of the silent sleepers;

Is the Spirit of the Tree;

Called are the trusting, left are the weary.

Ask to know the great mystery;

The sky will touch you as you dream;

The medicine will find you as journey.

The wind will hold you in your peace.

The Elders will show you in the light of the tree.

Tókiya yaúnhan hwo?

Come back to Creation, where Nature is healing.




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