The Incredible Desensitization Of Wasted Dinners

Electromagnetic generation;
Impatience is the new vibration.
Digitized and immobilized;
When was the last time we exercised?
Communication is not eye to eye,
I’ll abbreviate my emotions and text you on Skype.
Grab a quick meal at the dollar store,
Made of combustible, material.
Mom made us dinner;
Can we eat it at our desk?
I’m watching YouTube and Facebook (can’t miss a friend request!)
Made with love and served with care;
A roast beef, some spinach, potatoes sit there.
Mom; it’s good and all, but we like pizza!
Can’t we get McDonald’s or those hot dogs in the freezzzzah?
A sigh and Mom – reason: “sometimes that’s ok”;
We need good nutrition to make it through the day!
So they laugh and move the food around,
Pick and dissect it,
Place the roast beef under potatoes and then cover the spinach!
Is that the phone?
Is that the door?
Mom, I don’t want anymore.
As I sit at the table, my grateful heart sinks;
At the desensitization of wasted dinner,
It’s time for a change.


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