The Hands (the action keepers of the heart)

sept17th2012 016


Do we recognize the profound grace and beauty?
The delicate nature, the rough edges?
Every blister is a merciless heart reaching beyond ideals.
A child – like sculpture formed by imagination and hopeful fingers.
A compassionate caress given in the midst of a moment’s distress.
A strong grip to lift a heavy stone in a newly sewn garden.
A trace of a soft face in an almost familiar way – of a newborn babe.
A cupping of water to sip after a long and fear – filled journey.
A love filled strum of a guitar string;
An excited pull on an apron, as each knuckle kneads the dough in need of baking.
A deep wound bleeding – as a shattered glass piece was found from an argument.
Look down as your typing;
The fingers touching every key…
Creating a lifetime you could feel, touch, hold and set free.


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