Reveal To Me Angel

spiritsunsept7th2012 037

With all my being I unfold;
Every layer, every level.
In the center of my heart,
Expanding infinite source.
I am calling;
Would you know?
Do you feel the pull?
Does your soul understand the love?
Like the reflection of light on the water, can you see mine?
Am I your mirror that transcends time?
Why do we act blind?
There is no web, there is no fib;
I am the union waiting to happen.
Existence is shifting,
The veil is lifting.
I can’t do this without you.
The touch of an Angel, is always there.
Your energy is the most graceful prayer.
Come down from Heaven and hold me here.


4 thoughts on “Reveal To Me Angel

    • Thank you Ken. That means everything somehow it can inspire. Sharing visions, intuitions and lessons is such a humbling gift. Much love my friend.

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