June7th2012 041

Growing and creeping across an old bench;
A mystery, a shadow, a vine of the past.
Entwined in a moment;
Hidden just beyond the darkness,
A poets verse, a song never written.
As the paint begins peeling,
The wood is revealing – a heart carved by a lovers wish.
In the silence, in the soft night air, a story is told by an ancient.
In the creeks of movement, a memory fuses into a smile;
Long ago an innocent child played here carefree and wild.
This place is ageless, this garden is sacred;
It holds reverence for all that is timeless.
Now left for ruin?
Still… the beautiful essence is captured in all who sit.


2 thoughts on “Ageless

  1. Memory bearing objects bring us back in spite of the scars of time. I used to play, stradling across an old canon in an enchanting park…which I visited over a half century later…and memories of childhood cheers brought a tear…as it still stands guard…over the scars of time.

    • That is beautiful Claude. I would love to see this expressed in a photograph from you. Capture the moment when the heart remembers and releases. Much love to you.

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