Moonbeams And Dreams

aug29th2012 002

Astral release; congruent with a dream.
Moving like fluid, lit like moonbeams.
Fractals, spirals, experience infinity.
Superimposed as a kiss,
A soul-r eclipse.
Refract into bliss.
A Universe expands, from your pineal glad radiates energy.
Synergy beautiful being.
Come and infuse with me.
We are the equation of reverberation,
You speak of Ascension,
To another dimension,
We teach you to go deep.
Sublime reflexes, from the solar plexus;
You must let go to see,
The possibility.
The mind is relentless, thoughts are endless;
You must know the Spirit is free.
Creation is the siren of melody.
Breath is the harmony.
Soul is the energy.
Heart is the center of everything.
Vibrate your golden string.
You are connected and soaring.
The nomads of the spheres are exploring thee.
In your night en-devour, as your reaching through the Heavens;
Listen for me.
I sing the song of moonbeams and dreams.


5 thoughts on “Moonbeams And Dreams

  1. 3,44 pm
    thursday 13 march 2014

    Let Go [transits]

    letting go is the hardest
    when the mind is full of fog
    i feel like the world is a very big machine
    and within it, i am but a cog

    industry pushes me onward
    tho at a slower pace, i’d prefer
    i work my own way, to sort the debris
    if it’s too hard today i defer

    emotion cannot be rushed
    expression cannot be hurried
    when i get hungry i will cook some food
    but not everything hot can be curried

    i try to pick just one moment
    but restless thoughts will not abate
    i try to get out in to the fresh air
    but can’t make it past the garden gate

    stifled but stuck here
    i try to move past
    i hope today i go somewhere alone
    but like in treacle i’m going nowhere fast

    i do not like the labels
    but there is something inherently wrong
    a dear friend commends, when i reach out making mends
    saying how i’m always so strong

    she has a tenderness
    conveyed in her writing
    we’ve never met
    but her heart is inviting

    warmth like a sister
    but so much more than i could say
    i’d like to give her a big warm hug
    through the internet .. today

    3,52 pm

    • Beautiful Sharon. Oddly. I just sat and wrote a whole reply and when I hit the button, I lost connection and it went away. Strength is being HERE. Do not try to define it. Your path is for you and your healing. Embrace it. Your openness, bravery and honesty will always come through in what you share.

  2. Thank you sweet lady. Your words are inspiring and i always find a new strength within from talking to you.
    [Strange that losing connection, i get that too. now i start in document then paste if it’s a long reply]

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