Ice Spirit

Feb28th2014 032

Suspended in time, a vision of the divine;
Shrouded, she is silent.
A mask covers her eyes;
Make no mistake, she can see where most are blind.
Surrounding her are the seven cloaks of light.
Her heart is the eternal fire.
Do not peer into the ice with your mind;
Do not seek her outline.
She reveals when the pure of soul and intention align.
Make nothing of her imprint;
Give no meaning to the ice Spirit.
She is an apparition, with no condition.
She is an echo of trust;
She will fade when the sun comes.
What does she invoke from your moment?
Are you fearless enough to own it?
She is no space of wanderlust.
Gather your hope and sentiments.
You’ll meet her again in the Universe.


2 thoughts on “Ice Spirit

  1. 5, 05 pm
    thursday 13 march 2014

    reply to Ice Spirit by ReineM


    looking for something on a night i could not see
    touch was the only way
    felt it in my heart
    a cool, tranquil calm
    its how i like to be today

    not a ghost, or illusion
    just a moment in time
    can i see you through the sculpture
    or did you dash away from the line

    the moment i am looking
    i hold no fear within
    i see someone peering back at me
    i rest a moment, palm to chin

    reading the words on a pink background
    serene , the scene i see
    my evening peaceful, i don’t want to move
    this is what i strive for, what i like to be

    writing, reading, the cosy companionship of friends
    when the evening is so pretty, you hope it never ends
    new house since last summer, worked so hard for pastures new
    i’m really glad i achieved all this, and i’m happy to share with you

    5,10 pm

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