Melt Within The Winds


In the beatitudes of your heart;
In the benediction from afar;
In the silence of your presence,
I see the star.
Pouring down from the connotations;
I can touch your soft vibration.
In the vastness,
Beyond imagination;
When your creations;
Need inspiration,
You meet me here.
As your life begins to unwind;
When expectation has jaded your mind;
Slip under the surface for a time.
What is unsaid,
What is sublime in bated breath;
But I know your Spirit.
Come around again,
My friend,
We shall melt within the winds.

Every Grain Of Sand


Every reflection, every glisten;

Every sparkle,

Makes us listen.

Every ray, every prism,

Every color on creation’s spectrum.

Every moment that you trust,

Closes the space,

That came between us.

Every pebble and every stone;

Every grain of sand has a home.

Every intention,

Every mention,

Every chance we had of redemption.

Every story we told to the sea;

Every inspiration we sparked from a dream.

One day you will turn around as you’re free;

Because that whisper you heard in your heart has been me.



In Your Majesty – I Bow To Thee


In this lifetime, I am honored to swim behind you.

In the wake of your delicate beauty,  in the subtle ripples of your kindness;

I watch your graceful nature guide us.

I see how the healing waters encase your honest movements.

I notice how the breeze swirls and breathes with you.

How humble your Spirit, that every branch and leaf dances in your presence.

How glorious your heart; that within each beat reveals a golden sunrise.

I see the universe in your infinite eyes.

In this moment with you; I have touched the sacred and heard the wise.

In your voice I find nature resides.

How I love thee, with deep majesty;

I bow to you,  for eternity.





Great teacher, in stillness I hear;
A call of your existence, the reason we are near.
Sit woman; give me your trust.
Surrender your ideas;
To learn this you must.
What do you see when you peer at my trunk?
Do you notice my strength,
My foundation,
My conscious?
Can you touch my experience?
Can you know my agelessness?
When the north winds howl;
Would you observe my silence?
For I am symbiotic;
With you I breathe.
Under the surface,
Reveals all my beauty.
You are like me.
Woman, there is life, rising from the ground.
I’ve connected quite deeply to all that surrounds.
For with my roots, there is no separation.
I touch the sky as I drink from Gaia!
See this directly, know the vibration.
A lesson I give you, to know beyond seeing;
What sits beneath, gives purpose it’s meaning.

We Are All Children (Dedicated to my son Felix)

Abeautifullife 079

Stand knowing on this sacred ground,
The moment you’ve lost your way,
Another is always found.
Take each step, no matter how small;
Trusting what moves you forward, won’t take you down.
We are given a lifetime to walk the path,
Notice your surroundings and make it last.
No need to leave a trail behind,
You won’t return to that place in time.
Journey with the innocence of a child;
This will soon make you wise.
When everything begins to look familiar,
Gaze up into the sky;
The stars will lead, your heart will guide.
Have no false pride.
When your feet begin to ache, sit and be still;
Creation will lay with you and recharge your will.
When it seems you’re all alone,
That the echoes and emptiness fill your bones;
Call on nature to give you song.
Find peace in trusting there is purpose to it all.
On the road, it can seem unclear;
At times there is darkness, confusion and fear.
We’ve all been here.
This is a marker on your way, to find the light of day,
You will touch clarity.
We are all children, in the beginning;
With hope,
We are children in the end.

Felix, I believe in you. I love you. NEVER EVER give up!


The Space Between


Nature is the great teacher;
Can you see in the trees?
It’s not the forest, the earth or the sky we always need.
It’s not the profound hush, the rustle or rush of the wind.
It’s not the walk, the talk or the dream.
It’s not the longing, the creating or the contemplating that sets us free.
Look simply child, could it really be;
What you seek most,
Is the space in between.