Great teacher, in stillness I hear;
A call of your existence, the reason we are near.
Sit woman; give me your trust.
Surrender your ideas;
To learn this you must.
What do you see when you peer at my trunk?
Do you notice my strength,
My foundation,
My conscious?
Can you touch my experience?
Can you know my agelessness?
When the north winds howl;
Would you observe my silence?
For I am symbiotic;
With you I breathe.
Under the surface,
Reveals all my beauty.
You are like me.
Woman, there is life, rising from the ground.
I’ve connected quite deeply to all that surrounds.
For with my roots, there is no separation.
I touch the sky as I drink from Gaia!
See this directly, know the vibration.
A lesson I give you, to know beyond seeing;
What sits beneath, gives purpose it’s meaning.

3 thoughts on “Roots

  1. 3;12 pm
    thursday 13 march 2014, uk.

    reply to ROOTS by ReineM

    Dear Tree

    dear tree i thank you
    for inviting me to sit
    sometimes indeed i feel that way
    when life hurts a little bit

    i think i might have met your spirit
    in the summer of 2009
    many times i held a heavy heart
    this person’s soul brought me back to fine

    i observe your experience
    in the moment that is now
    i would like an entrance to that way of being
    i would like to know when and how

    the roots go very deep in the ground
    nobody can see where they will end
    there are things that i would like to uproot
    so then my heart can mend

    dear tree i feel the peacefulness
    when the wind blows through and you sway
    no matter the weather, the wind and the rain
    nothing breaks, solid roots, any day

    3,17 pm

    • Sharon… from my heart dear woman, thank you for sharing your beauty. A lesson I learn from you now; to remember the healing in “up rooting” what is buried by our minds, so our hearts can heal. Much love to you soulsister.

  2. Reine, thank u luv. Indeed, I find in my own life now, an up-rooting is needed. Not physical, but emotional. I feel a kind of dregs like tealeaves, something that needs putting out so that I may start afresh. Partly for writing, partly due To writing, and partly my sleep educating me, as daytime thoughts are too zzz to put in order. I am so glad my writing in reply helped you too, my soulsister. Much love to you all ways. (hug) x

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