You Are The Diamond

May1st2014 017

As the sun infuses the sky;
All the memories fill my mind;
What was simple, becomes sublime;
We’re Nature’s children, each – one of a kind.
When the echoes paint the day;
As colors submerge you while you play;
Will you take a moment and whisper my name?
Will you return to this sacred space?
As you walk your path of truth,
In your silence, in the blue;
Shines the diamond I see in you.
One day this love will pull us though.
Until then…
I’ll be praying too.


2 thoughts on “You Are The Diamond

  1. what was simple, now left behind
    was it so complicated, it lingered in mind

    i will take a moment, to hold your hand
    to share sentiment of life’s quirks, until logic causes us to land

    until that moment, we might be,
    creatively drifting, out to sea

    the sparkle of your diamond
    as the light shines, from within your soul

    it heals the self, and those around you
    reaches out from a crystal cave, reaches a place where all is whole

    life has many changes,
    how many, how often, nobody can foresee

    but as long as we have, the love of true friends
    no harm can come to you or me ❤

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