Just Beyond The Hill

July21st2014 047

Sometimes life feels, like everything we long for

Is just beyond the hill.

Sometimes it seems so far to hold your will.

Sometimes a soul gets tired, it feels like we’ve had our fill.

Some days are a blur,

Sometimes it all changes so fast,

Or it feels like we’re standing still.

Sometimes we are stronger then our wildest dreams;

Then there are times when we cry and split at the seams.

Moments inspire us, other experiences bring us to our knees.

No matter how we handle it, it’s all extraordinary.

The one thing I know for sure,

When nothing else can endure;

I find my love and hope a sanctuary.

Here… I just can’t give up on me.




Wings In The Rain (For My Little Emma Lily)


As innocence whispers on a butterfly wing;
A flower nurtures and rustles with the breeze.
A child’s imagination breathes,
A dream escapes through gallant laughter;
A vision of fairies and star – filled streams.
Dance little one;
For you are the blazing sun in a world of the angry.
Sparkle and shimmer your hope amongst us;
The skies and oceans are painted blue with your eyes,
As you trace all the mysteries with the fingers of surprise.
You are the most delicate and wondrous lullaby.
Know the heart that is fearless within you;
Is the story of greatness on a quest,
Let your pure spirit guide you,
For your miracle,
Is a light for the rest.


Pray As The Prey

July1st2014 075

Fiction dictates;
We pray or we’re prey.
Illusions resonate;
We succeed or we’ve failed.
Measure and master is life of the veiled.
Be first and conquer is the voice of deceit;
By time or give it is the way of the weak.
Ignorance shouted from the rafters one day;
Come follow the leaders or your people will pay.
The Eco systems warned us;
The animals mourned us,
We walked away.
Diversity escapes us,
Economy rapes us,
We just feed the flames.
Right or left brained?
What scientific study can we blame?
Take responsibility.
It’s up to you, it starts with me.
Life is not complicated,
If you don’t believe everything on tv.
Question authority.
Why capture an Eagle behind glass;
An American symbol of freedom?
Irony cannot be contained.
Wake up from the submission,
Take back your lives again.

Inspire (the color of mystery)

July7th2014 037

In the quiet hours, when imagination is majesty;
When thoughts ponder and you’re vivid with creativity,
As your world becomes an apparition;
As your heart goes on the mission – to find recognition in beauty;
Call out to me.
Where silence is no void,
When you listen softly – you can hear my voice.
I am the Lilly in the sunlit glow;
I am the fragrance of the blooming rose;
I am the moment you can’t ignore,
Let me inspire your beautiful soul.
Ever so quiet you’ve kept so long,
Let this light become a song.
In the birth of suggestion,
In the midst of contemplation;
Let the purpose heal the separation.
In your mind becomes a blank;
The oceans call you back to drink;
As you sail the sea of trust,
Embrace the call of the wanderlust.
Here I will meet you beyond the dream;
Where you are the fire and I am the mystery.

Dedicated to an immaculate Woosh!

The Kiss Of The Mantra

July1st2014 081

Walk gently with me;
Can you now see?
The sacred reflection,
Of infinity.
Floating on the prism of a dream;
Pure innocence, a melodic essence,
An honest sigh of simplicity.
You resonate with me.
Cascading like a warm rain;
Filling every space,
One heartbeat.
Pure tranquility.

We unify with the sun.
Our kiss is a mantra.
Unfolding like a lotus;
We are centered.
Light pours through us – as our chakras begin dancing.
No duality,
Many lives are mastered.
Namaste my dear,
Stay clear,
Love is always the answer.