Inspire (the color of mystery)

July7th2014 037

In the quiet hours, when imagination is majesty;
When thoughts ponder and you’re vivid with creativity,
As your world becomes an apparition;
As your heart goes on the mission – to find recognition in beauty;
Call out to me.
Where silence is no void,
When you listen softly – you can hear my voice.
I am the Lilly in the sunlit glow;
I am the fragrance of the blooming rose;
I am the moment you can’t ignore,
Let me inspire your beautiful soul.
Ever so quiet you’ve kept so long,
Let this light become a song.
In the birth of suggestion,
In the midst of contemplation;
Let the purpose heal the separation.
In your mind becomes a blank;
The oceans call you back to drink;
As you sail the sea of trust,
Embrace the call of the wanderlust.
Here I will meet you beyond the dream;
Where you are the fire and I am the mystery.

Dedicated to an immaculate Woosh!

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