Pray As The Prey

July1st2014 075

Fiction dictates;
We pray or we’re prey.
Illusions resonate;
We succeed or we’ve failed.
Measure and master is life of the veiled.
Be first and conquer is the voice of deceit;
By time or give it is the way of the weak.
Ignorance shouted from the rafters one day;
Come follow the leaders or your people will pay.
The Eco systems warned us;
The animals mourned us,
We walked away.
Diversity escapes us,
Economy rapes us,
We just feed the flames.
Right or left brained?
What scientific study can we blame?
Take responsibility.
It’s up to you, it starts with me.
Life is not complicated,
If you don’t believe everything on tv.
Question authority.
Why capture an Eagle behind glass;
An American symbol of freedom?
Irony cannot be contained.
Wake up from the submission,
Take back your lives again.

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