Just Beyond The Hill

July21st2014 047

Sometimes life feels, like everything we long for

Is just beyond the hill.

Sometimes it seems so far to hold your will.

Sometimes a soul gets tired, it feels like we’ve had our fill.

Some days are a blur,

Sometimes it all changes so fast,

Or it feels like we’re standing still.

Sometimes we are stronger then our wildest dreams;

Then there are times when we cry and split at the seams.

Moments inspire us, other experiences bring us to our knees.

No matter how we handle it, it’s all extraordinary.

The one thing I know for sure,

When nothing else can endure;

I find my love and hope a sanctuary.

Here… I just can’t give up on me.





One thought on “Just Beyond The Hill

  1. hey sweet lady, shar here. here’s my poem reply;

    23,28 / wednesday 23 july 2014

    beyond the hill i feel you,
    my life feels that way sometimes too
    no matter how hard i try, to achieve a single thing,
    it slips away, like melting glue

    i come undone, a moments sadness
    careless memories, that start to grow
    lonely in a nightmare
    beside a stream, but no water will flow

    a desert within the city, a tree thats suddenly bare
    i try to look the other way, dismissive,
    but i’ve just learnt, these years,
    to care

    the yearning with no fulfilling of needs
    its painful, its empty,
    it causes pain
    the heart bleeds

    wake me up in august,
    it might as well rain until september
    i try to forget pains, with all my might
    but my memory’s cursed to always remember

    please .. let me forget it
    no no say unknown vibes
    i try a little harder to erase it
    but good memory has the cruellest jibes

    trying again, will i succeed this time?
    i had a hug and kiss from new companion this day
    how strange, the change, from major to minor
    the pain dissipated, some how, some way

    (C) Sharon JB 2014, 23 July

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