Travel The Universe

aug29th2014 070

Beings of light, travel the Universe at night,
Across a visceral space of flight.
Eons are transient, momentum is fluid, life is a perception of the eye.
The seahorses of the sky.
They dance in pairs, like solar flares, they bend the mind,
They create a siren.
In the center of your being, what you are seeing, is their melody;
Sung to the tone of immortality.
All the Heavens are resonating, all that lives is pulsating,
They open the gates of transmutation;
The infinite dream.
As they come into your awareness, you progress.
This is the prayer of sacred bliss,
Know it.
For in the solar ion winds – Spirit always returns them.







aug25th2014 008

We try to hold on to,
We try to capture;
We take a photograph,
We write a paragraph,
We paint a canvas.
Yet moments, like memories, turn into perception;
We give them presence, we give them reverence,
We create them, we forget them.
A certain light moves, on the corner of the wall;
A familiar melody makes your heart recall.
A warm feeling rises from deep inside your soul,
A fragrant flower blooms and reminds you of it all.
We try to erase them,
We try to heal what we can’t forget.
We try to escape those moments we were blind;
We try to bury them in the back of our mind.
For every moment you’ve experienced,
There is a moment you have not touched yet.

The Return From Heaven

June28th2014 110

Through the passage and the release,
We enter a journey of infinity.
A voyage of incarnations, new energy,
Reconnected with soul family.
There is the embrace of deep divinity,
No expression on earth could explain this being.
The light is healing, re-creating;
This is consciousness we’re all vibrating.
You greeted me, was life a dream?
You show me how we died in Heaven,
To form into a reality.
Why could I not see, the simplicity,
How life is  a perfect symmetry.
You were always a part of me.
The veil took my soul memory.
I seen my birth – upon the earth,
Here I know true unity.
When I return, when my mission is learned;
I trust right here – is where you’ll be waiting.

Emotions (The Incredible Experience)

July26th2014 092

It only takes a second, we can’t control it.
The heart beings to open, flood gates surrender to a vulnerable sunset.
All the challenges we conquered, all the nights spent wondering;
All the quiet moments, when we left words unspoken,
It becomes a flood of emotions – resonating “what if.”
Are we all creating a space for regret?
Born to experience, it’s nature’s essence.

So we flow on…

A profound connection gives way to the space of reflection;
Remember the days when life was immaculate?
What brought us to this?

We still flow on…

Then in the quiet morning, when the new breath is dawning – eyes open.
Something is pulling at the Spirit;
It knows where it’s belonging,
There is no ignoring the calling.
A second chance to change an outcome.
We’ve tried all other channels,
Kept up the idea that the dream is impossible.

Yet, somehow…

The sky is changing.

It’s time to feel it.

The Sheath Of Light


Come child to the edge of humanity,
Lay to rest your eyes of vanity.
See with purpose the sheath of light,
Forgive your burdens, relinquish your strife.
In the wayward rolling land, rise to the thunder and hold out your hands.
We know you’ve waited for lifetimes to see,
How it is you came to be?
Was it a spark?
Was it fusion?
Was it two souls that split from the union?
Are you infinite?
Are you whole?
All of the questions are healing your soul.
In the sound you’ll find your answer,
Till then be humble,
True love is the master.



Have you ever noticed,
When the tide swells,
It rises just enough,
To reflect the moments, to trace the dreams;
To hush the mind and make it bleed,
It has a story to tell.
Have you ever surrendered to the cool waters?
Watched the sky in the ripples and puddles?
Was there a hope you threw into the waves?
A message to be carried across the sea?
Did you touch the colors?
Think of your lover?
Could you ever turn back?
Kneel at the shoreline, beneath your breath;
You felt it.
Release the emotions – into the oceans;
This is motion,  you will never forget.