Emotions (The Incredible Experience)

July26th2014 092

It only takes a second, we can’t control it.
The heart beings to open, flood gates surrender to a vulnerable sunset.
All the challenges we conquered, all the nights spent wondering;
All the quiet moments, when we left words unspoken,
It becomes a flood of emotions – resonating “what if.”
Are we all creating a space for regret?
Born to experience, it’s nature’s essence.

So we flow on…

A profound connection gives way to the space of reflection;
Remember the days when life was immaculate?
What brought us to this?

We still flow on…

Then in the quiet morning, when the new breath is dawning – eyes open.
Something is pulling at the Spirit;
It knows where it’s belonging,
There is no ignoring the calling.
A second chance to change an outcome.
We’ve tried all other channels,
Kept up the idea that the dream is impossible.

Yet, somehow…

The sky is changing.

It’s time to feel it.


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