Sept22nd2014 222

Such a useless space.
Going over and over what should have been.
Replaying the pain like a script.
Constantly reacting.
Feeding your mind the poison of obsessing.
Nothing ever comes out of it.
Lost sleep, headaches, tears and years of regret.
Don’t look in the mirror and find every flaw you believe it reflects.
Let it go, life will flow; heal your heart and free your soul.
What could you have done different?
Learn from it – then move on.
Not everyone around you sees what you do.
Your worst critic, wasting precious time.
Sometimes you have to close your eyes and open your mind;
Leave the ideals, rules and perceptions behind.
Take it a day at a time.
Don’t let your idiosyncrasies  make you blind.
You close the window of hope and bored it up when you give in to the lies.
Don’t be your worst enemy, know your beauty;
Stop the cycle and change your destiny.

A Million Revolutions Around The Sun

July26th2014 070

We are millions, we are one
We are the revolutions of the sun
We are solar, we are sacred
We are the eclipse of human and nature
We are a spectrum of sonic light
We are the vigil you hold at night
We are the keepers of the flame
We hear your Spirit, we know your name
In the numbers, in the science, we are the congruent and fluid lines.
We are the abstract, we are the matrix,
We are the universal Angels.
You called us to guide you, we are beside you, trust the process.
In the sirens of your soul, we are the sound that keeps you whole.
In your metric scales of light, we ARE the music you hear at night.
We are the fractions, the infinite formulas of all attraction.
We are the motion and refraction of color, we are the magnets of the interstellar.
We are the thoughts that inspire your mind, we are the muses that clear your eyes.
Do what is right.
We call from Andromeda, we create the formula;
We are the everlasting waters.
You are the child of the cosmic align, with this purpose is an honest life.
Make the wrongs a right.
Or the silence we give you… will fall out of sight.
Stay true, it’s in you,
Change is the resonant tone of design.

The Storyteller

Sept18th2014momsnewdesigns 101

In the silences she listens, her hands are her minstrels.
She weaves a moment from thread and stone, she builds a mystery with glass and hope.
She speaks of the ancients, elders and children.
No words are given, just creation’s mission.
Every braid of wool she starts, is a lifetime of blessings from her heart.
Little one, you are chosen, to spread the message of love and devotion.
Visions and travels beyond this dimension, bring peace and healing through the gifts you are given.
From a time of youth, you knew the truth, your world was painted and carved from wood.
You gave such glory to the winds, you held the fire and walked the lands.
For many moons and many suns, your hands made miracles from clay and mud.
For every stitch and every sew,  your breath is twine, your trust the rope.
You hold the gem of above and below.
Go little one, step forth on your path, show them the wisdom you learned from the past.
Capture the stars in the sparkle of glass.
You make the jewels of the heaven dwellers.
This is the medicine of the Story Teller.

Never Give Up (A prayer for all those who are lost)

July26th2014 122

It might hurt like hell, every part of your soul is shattered.
Everything that once mattered, is now just a broken pattern.
Your whole life is bleeding.
No stone left unturned, every bridge is burned.
All those you love have gone, you scream in agony – why carry on.
Why are you even here?
The choice seems clear… disappear
Somehow, some way, you wake on the floor in the same spot you laid.
Another day.
How did you make it? You can’t believe your soul could take it.
Is this going to be the rest of your life?
Is the struggle worth it – to hang on to see the other side?
So you slip into auto pilot. Every moment becomes silent.
You go numb and blinded.
But deep inside it, there is this spark – you just can’t find it.
A reality check? You preach how life is not some secret.


At night when you climb into bed, when your mind gives in.
There is a dream you cannot forget.
It seeps through your wakefulness, it hides within.
A smile sneaks from the corner of your heart when a child laughs.

What is this?

A reason, a moment, a gift.
Never give up, because one time, is all it takes,

You begin healing and feeling again.

LIVE for this.
One things is for sure, now is all we get.

Peering Through The Hole

Sept15th2014b 018

What lay beneath your breath?
A quiet perception, a mired fascination?
An empathic lust?
What did you see when you peered beyond the gate?
Was it illumination,  purification, a beautiful shade of love?
Step out of your structure, your body is a function,  astral travel.
Let go of your mind for a moment, thoughts turn into movement, trace a flower with your Spirit.
Weave around me like a halo of music, infuse your soul with sacred purpose.
This is our garden of mercy.
There is hole in the universe, a vortex of words;
Your eyes only see now – how your heart built a world.

Sept15th2014b 007

I’ll Come Back

July26th2014 139

No matter how bad it gets,
No matter how you might imagine I have regret,
No matter how much was misunderstood,
I would hold you if I could.
No matter how much time has passed,
I would still greet you with open hands.
No matter how you think I feel,
My heart is where you can come to heal.
My promise is true and my love is real.
A million tears may come to fall,
No matter how far I must crawl,
I’m here to lift you to the sky, no need to explain or ask me why.
Forgiveness is a gift we give without bounds.
All the expectations that make us drown.
If you need me, I’ll come back,
Life is a reunion, if we trust to ask.


Beautiful Being

Sept12th2014 038

Silence is the purest symphony.
In the sparkle of the sea, there is melodic energy.
Every grain of sand is a note – in the perfect harmony.
The ebb and flow of the tide, is the polyphonic symmetry.
The music is in between breath and heartbeat.
The essence of inspiration – is the mystery.
Listen deeply, I am the beautiful being.
In the rush of winds, in the hush of stillness;
I caress your hands.
Keep your heart wide open.
As you fall into the wilderness of slumber – my whisper pulls you under,
The silver chords connecting.
Come play with me in the universe.
In your mind I speak the verse of cosmic resonance.
As you wake into the glorious morning – remember how your soul was soaring;
Turn it into music.
Others will touch this space, from your creative grace,
You’ve found your calling.
Walk in trust now, be honest and kind;
For the Muse of the celestial spheres is pouring from your eyes.


Sept9th2014 110

In the serendipity, in the tears;
In the corner of your eye, in the center of your fear.
In the broken pieces of your heart, you surrendered in the dark;
There is a familiar voice – the slightest touch.
In the most immaculate dream.
Somehow you made it, through a crash at high speed.
A strong intuition gave a premonition, you can’t explain it, but you always listen.
A warm glow, the scent of a rose, a vision of home.
A strong energy,
An epiphany.
A guided journey, a call of service, inspirational beauty.
Angels sing and Angels weep.
In their hearts are our prayers they keep.
Right beside us, beyond perception – Angels resonate and we are protected.


Sept4th2014 009

You kept your promise, from the great beyond,

You called me in your sacred heart.

A child of the stars, you held out your arms,

Come to me and know this world.

On the wings of a hawk, in the eyes of the wolf, Great Spirit  rejoiced and showed me your truth.

You gave of your body, to nourish my soul,

You cradled my form, so that I may be born,

You held me close.

Beautiful woman of the morning sun, I honor your life as the breath of dawn.

You taught me humility, honor and responsibility.

You showed me the path of honesty and peace.

I watch your glory and your humble way, you taught me to be still and taught my to pray.

You show me creation in the palm of our hands,

You stood by my side when I had nothing left.

For this gift you gave me in this great mystery,

I am forever in your service, Whenever you’re need.

Mother you are pure, Mother you are kind,

I am grateful for this chance, to know you in this life.



aug28th2014 228

For it is true, in these spaces,
We can live, in both places.
What blooms here, was ignited  there,
A world of music, light and air.
There is a bridge, that crosses over;
Beyond perception, through the clover.
In a whisper, with a dream,
No-thing here, yet everything.
In this existence, there is no resistance;
There is clarity and pure intention.
We are mysterious – beautiful – perfection.
Like children we laugh and all life elevates;
We blend our colors, and nature regenerates.
We reach, heal, share and create,
The eternal connection is the breath of Heaven,
We are in-between.