Never Give Up (A prayer for all those who are lost)

July26th2014 122

It might hurt like hell, every part of your soul is shattered.
Everything that once mattered, is now just a broken pattern.
Your whole life is bleeding.
No stone left unturned, every bridge is burned.
All those you love have gone, you scream in agony – why carry on.
Why are you even here?
The choice seems clear… disappear
Somehow, some way, you wake on the floor in the same spot you laid.
Another day.
How did you make it? You can’t believe your soul could take it.
Is this going to be the rest of your life?
Is the struggle worth it – to hang on to see the other side?
So you slip into auto pilot. Every moment becomes silent.
You go numb and blinded.
But deep inside it, there is this spark – you just can’t find it.
A reality check? You preach how life is not some secret.


At night when you climb into bed, when your mind gives in.
There is a dream you cannot forget.
It seeps through your wakefulness, it hides within.
A smile sneaks from the corner of your heart when a child laughs.

What is this?

A reason, a moment, a gift.
Never give up, because one time, is all it takes,

You begin healing and feeling again.

LIVE for this.
One things is for sure, now is all we get.


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