A Million Revolutions Around The Sun

July26th2014 070

We are millions, we are one
We are the revolutions of the sun
We are solar, we are sacred
We are the eclipse of human and nature
We are a spectrum of sonic light
We are the vigil you hold at night
We are the keepers of the flame
We hear your Spirit, we know your name
In the numbers, in the science, we are the congruent and fluid lines.
We are the abstract, we are the matrix,
We are the universal Angels.
You called us to guide you, we are beside you, trust the process.
In the sirens of your soul, we are the sound that keeps you whole.
In your metric scales of light, we ARE the music you hear at night.
We are the fractions, the infinite formulas of all attraction.
We are the motion and refraction of color, we are the magnets of the interstellar.
We are the thoughts that inspire your mind, we are the muses that clear your eyes.
Do what is right.
We call from Andromeda, we create the formula;
We are the everlasting waters.
You are the child of the cosmic align, with this purpose is an honest life.
Make the wrongs a right.
Or the silence we give you… will fall out of sight.
Stay true, it’s in you,
Change is the resonant tone of design.


2 thoughts on “A Million Revolutions Around The Sun

  1. your words and vibe is like the sun and you burn like a shinning light. so much feels and so much is the depth and the glow that comes from within the universe. you have a eye, a ear and a mind that takes the power and beauty of words and makes them a building where it breaths and it touches fellow beings. you are a deep soul. you beam and shine. peace

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