The Storyteller

Sept18th2014momsnewdesigns 101

In the silences she listens, her hands are her minstrels.
She weaves a moment from thread and stone, she builds a mystery with glass and hope.
She speaks of the ancients, elders and children.
No words are given, just creation’s mission.
Every braid of wool she starts, is a lifetime of blessings from her heart.
Little one, you are chosen, to spread the message of love and devotion.
Visions and travels beyond this dimension, bring peace and healing through the gifts you are given.
From a time of youth, you knew the truth, your world was painted and carved from wood.
You gave such glory to the winds, you held the fire and walked the lands.
For many moons and many suns, your hands made miracles from clay and mud.
For every stitch and every sew,  your breath is twine, your trust the rope.
You hold the gem of above and below.
Go little one, step forth on your path, show them the wisdom you learned from the past.
Capture the stars in the sparkle of glass.
You make the jewels of the heaven dwellers.
This is the medicine of the Story Teller.


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