Sept22nd2014 222

Such a useless space.
Going over and over what should have been.
Replaying the pain like a script.
Constantly reacting.
Feeding your mind the poison of obsessing.
Nothing ever comes out of it.
Lost sleep, headaches, tears and years of regret.
Don’t look in the mirror and find every flaw you believe it reflects.
Let it go, life will flow; heal your heart and free your soul.
What could you have done different?
Learn from it – then move on.
Not everyone around you sees what you do.
Your worst critic, wasting precious time.
Sometimes you have to close your eyes and open your mind;
Leave the ideals, rules and perceptions behind.
Take it a day at a time.
Don’t let your idiosyncrasies  make you blind.
You close the window of hope and bored it up when you give in to the lies.
Don’t be your worst enemy, know your beauty;
Stop the cycle and change your destiny.


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