Refraction Of Light

Oct28th2014 180

What enchants the eyes, a glistening sky?

What entrances the mind; a whisper from the wise?

What reflects the light; a heart that never dies.

Can you reach the vastness; would you leave all ideals behind?

The universe is so diverse,  we know this deep inside.

We are as infinite as we are inspired.

There is no velocity in  stagnant sight .

It’s simple subtraction, takes just a fraction;

Love is an action,  we are sublime.

Trust is the protractor, truth  is the journey,  the heart is the refraction of  light.

When Someone Reaches Out

Oct18th2014 030

When someone is brave, in the middle of sorrow;

When they somehow find the voice to speak – because they want a new tomorrow.

When all they can do to form some words, is whisper in your ear;

Don’t criticize their broken lives – they trusted you through their fear.

When someone reaches out – but their words seem to make no sense;

Listen with your open heart, it’s not about content.

When someone is breaking down in front of you, please don’t turn away,

You might be the one person – who helps them through the day.

When someone admits they are worried, when confusion and sadness sets in;

Even a gesture of a caress on the hand could be the biggest difference.

Don’t make it all about you, don’t try to give advice;

Just be there fully present, look deep into their eyes.

When someone comes to you – not sure how to stop the tears;

Let them know you’ll stand beside them, though the answers are not clear.

Never challenge a shattered soul, who speaks of taking their life,

Though we may know, the moment will go;

The emotions are real in their strife.

When someone asks for help, guide them to a source;

Without judgement or opinion, encourage them to that course.

When someone trusts in you, to share the darkest hours;

Be grateful and humbled they see in you – a garden of healing flowers.

Your Beautiful Wings


I watch quietly, to hear everything.
As the sun poured from the sky, it painted your beautiful wings.
Your soft eyes speak, your calm voice seeps deep;
I drift to sleep.
Come sit next to me in nature,
Come fill your moment with laughter,
In stillness there is one heartbeat.

Could it be…

We incarnated, to reveal love’s mystery?
Silence is the music and life is the dream.


Sept27th2014 187

How can it be, you hear me?
How do you know, what do you see?
How is it – you reach me in my dreams?
How do you know what I am feeling, say things I thought before I speak?
Are we ripples of the same velocity?
How did we first meet?
Do you understand the connection?
Is there an answer for the unexplained mystery?
Does there really need to be?
Hush your mind, unwind and let your spirit enjoy the beauty.
It’s a gift of the heart, to reach so far – to be so free.
Would anyone trust this, would anyone truly believe?
Questions are in abundance, to satisfy logic, there is no need.
Simply know, from in your soul, there is more to trust then are eyes can see.

Casting The Sail

Sept27th2014 334

On a humble sea I float;
On the water of life, I’ve anchored this boat.
On the waves of love – I sink or swim;
In the depth of blue, I go within.
I cast my sail to winds of trust;
I drowned in anger and surfaced in lust.
I touched the horizon of purpose.
As the shore moves further away;
I let go of the past and live for today.
The tide hears me pray.
I drift in bliss as the daylight mists and my fears begin to fade.
I am the sailor of eternity.

The Heartfire

Sept27th2014 447

For every breath, in every hour;
For every beautiful smile and every gracious flower;
The most impeccable joy,  the most immaculate voice.
My heart is on fire and open wide.
Such profound light, a pull so strong it goes beyond sight.
A calling so pure, I will endure.
A space we all know so well, a welcoming of the truest depth.
My Soul in awe, a radiant star.
Every bit of my part in creation – knows who you are.
The Union of Heaven on Earth.
This is the awakening of love.
Become the Master you ARE.