When Someone Reaches Out

Oct18th2014 030

When someone is brave, in the middle of sorrow;

When they somehow find the voice to speak – because they want a new tomorrow.

When all they can do to form some words, is whisper in your ear;

Don’t criticize their broken lives – they trusted you through their fear.

When someone reaches out – but their words seem to make no sense;

Listen with your open heart, it’s not about content.

When someone is breaking down in front of you, please don’t turn away,

You might be the one person – who helps them through the day.

When someone admits they are worried, when confusion and sadness sets in;

Even a gesture of a caress on the hand could be the biggest difference.

Don’t make it all about you, don’t try to give advice;

Just be there fully present, look deep into their eyes.

When someone comes to you – not sure how to stop the tears;

Let them know you’ll stand beside them, though the answers are not clear.

Never challenge a shattered soul, who speaks of taking their life,

Though we may know, the moment will go;

The emotions are real in their strife.

When someone asks for help, guide them to a source;

Without judgement or opinion, encourage them to that course.

When someone trusts in you, to share the darkest hours;

Be grateful and humbled they see in you – a garden of healing flowers.


6 thoughts on “When Someone Reaches Out

    • Claude, you are a guiding light for many. What you share resonates deeply and lifts the soul. Much love to you my friend. Thank you.

  1. hey sweet lady; Shar here;

    po, The Friend Ship
    reply to reinem blog;

    23;20 wednesday 22 october 2014

    in the middle of my sorrow
    i reached out and found your hand
    it was dark in that moment
    but your love helped me to land

    i had pain from a broken life
    but you showed me some amazing glasses
    you shared your view of things, with me
    that all things here and now,
    – flow on a river that surely passes

    i thank you sweet lady
    for all that you shared
    i show you sweet lady
    likewise, for others i’ve cared

    there is a little Friend Ship
    forever, in all weather, she sails
    it’s never too much trouble
    if you happen to catch her tails

    come right in, come aboard!
    have some tea!

    just a little bit of caring
    has done wonders for folks like me 🙂

    23; 24 (C) Sharon JB 2014, 22 October

    • Sharon, you’ve opened my whole heart wide. If ever in any way you need me, I am here always. Your love and friendship I cherish more then any words could express right now. Many times you’ve brought such light and joy to my day. Your writings are very healing and honest. From deep in my being – the poems is beautiful and I am grateful for you.

  2. Reine, thank you, I feel identical, your love and friendship has me stronger too ❤ I shall take your kind offer to my heart. May I say, I am following in your footsteps as a friend is working with me shortly, to put my writing to music. He likes my singing so we see what happens with that. Excited 🙂

    • Ahhh. There is the most immaculate experience on earth when you collaborate with music and words. I hope you both feel the deep healing and know how that ripples to all who will listen to it. Bless you both.

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