Stay Present


Stay present child of nature,

The mind, it goes to sleep.

Find the whispers of creation, let our peace run deep.

Stay honest sentient one, for the heart can never lie;

Surrender to the stillness, it will make us wise.

Stay humble and objective, for life is no surprise.

Long before our karma heals us, the reason why we breathe;

We must learn the path of compassion, to show us how to see.

Stay grateful in the moment, coincidence is illusion;

All that IS and always was, keeps us from confusion.

Hold reverence for the connections, for here is sacred space;

In the inspirations and love creations, we’ll shift the Human race.

One thought on “Stay Present

  1. 23;53 / wednesday 19 november 2014

    child of nature, i see you in the doorway

    i did not hear you call my name, my ears did not work this day

    the whispers, came all too softly, peace, in stillness lie

    i could not hear the words reaching my ears

    deafness, sorrow, with a slice of humble pie

    karma, i see ,

    calmer, i feel

    i’d like to believe my eyes this night

    but i’m not sure i know what is real

    i breathe slow, i breathe fast

    i breathe to remember, i try to forget

    the pains of a stilted past

    moving forward, but am i standing, still?

    i put a potted plant down just now,

    can you see it swaying

    on my window sill?

    thank you for clarity

    instead of confusion

    i was quite upset

    at bad person’s illusion

    i hold within my fragile hands,

    a love so brave and true

    i hold within my stronger heart

    the friendship of someone kind, like you


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