The Place You Knew Me


I long for that place, it seems so far away;
Where the colors are so vivid and we hear creation’s life.
Where all we do is resonate a beautiful tone and are never alone – where our souls are bright.
Do you ever dream in this life, of that smile… the symphony we created in the center of our hearts?
Do you ever just stop in silence, in an echo from somewhere – a memory seems so alive?
Could you ever believe you knew me;
That we laughed and soared with eternal fire.
Has this existence caused your resistance – now you keep your distance and closed your mind?
I wish I could remind you of that place you knew me;
Where we promised we’d meet again, yet you see right through me.
I ask Spirit; why must this be one sided?
Why must we remain divided?
When I seen you again, our world collided.
Every time I look in the sand, I feel a soft hand;
A soft whisper comes from within – it’s not the end.
So I scroll as a wordsmith, ache like a poet, photograph like a ghost;
In hope… you will find it.
A quiet reminder, just to inspire… you to remember.


jan11th2015 009

As I turn, I see you outlined;

Amber and caressed by the light,

You are fluid, suspended in movement.

Contoured by shadows, my mind follows your lines.

Are you a reflection or a dream undecided?

Your water drips at the edge of my smile.

I can taste the invite.

Silence is the source of lust rising,

You melt like ice.

Subtle and always changing,

A muse of melodic design.

A Little Part OF You

Oct18th2014 039

I felt you slip away, to a sacred place,

You lived a life of love – with the hands of grace.

All those tears that fell, are now part of creation.

Behind you left us inspiration.

Even as these words try to find a source, I feel your light and hear your voice.

Even the sun could not paint your beauty, so the universe filled with stars to create you a symphony.

In my smile I know you can hear me.

As the seasons change and life feeds time, a part of you will always shine.

In the silence, I turn my eyes to the sky.,

Here your presence will never die.

May the Angels sing eternal for you Ruth. God Bless you as you found your way home.