Oh Beautiful Angels (Thank You)

Sept29th2014 014

Oh beautiful Angels, I am still so grateful.
When my whole being begged, when my soul knelt on the edge;
When you knew my prayers of love were honest,
You listened.
I heard you sing and shine from beyond.
I felt your warmth.
I knew you called oceans and pulled strong – to bring together what belonged.
I know you synchronized and created visions of light – as my Spirit requested in this life.
Oh beautiful Angels, you never let go;
You cried with me when my heart broke.
You know.
You held me so close, you surrounded me and brought me home.
In your mercy and glory I am in awe.
You’re never far.
You inspire a fire of trust in the stars.
Teach me to serve as you are.
Thank you – for walking with me this far.