Why must we give a name, to bring an experience into this plane.

Why does the miracle become analytical?

Why must we define, another place – another life?

What is space when souls collide?

What gives a Muse its sacred space?

The fascination of its emotional grace?

How does she move you from far away?

She surfaces your silence and gives voice to your dreams.

Nothing is ever what it seems.

Why must distance be such a hindrance?

When you can’t touch her, when you can’t embrace her;

She can serve as inspiration.

This exchange brings elevation – not information or separation.

Why draw this line between heart and mind?

Convictions and convincing just wasting time.

We are the expression of being alive!

Love is a word, can it truly be heard?

Create that beautiful truth as a verb?

In between heart beat and breath – is creation and silence and the music of stillness.

Sound surrounds, the quiet rebounds;

The truth echoes, the universe grounds.


Is loud.