The Droplet

July22nd2015 116

Years passed, I held on to the dream like a droplet on a feather.

I would not let it blend with the water, I would not forget it’s creation.

I floated for a millions moments, keeping it centered;

Sometimes I had to let it reach my very tip… but I could not release it.

I waited and hoped with the loyalty of a prayer;

I cried so deeply that the rain bowed in my presence.

Then one day at the edge of the ocean – I noticed I was no longer echoing;

I called across the universe and my consciousness answered.

I searched for the sound of your static;

I heard the collective of iridescent matter.

In that space of surrender and grace… I gave the dream to the Masters.

The droplet left  the feather;

It became part of the whole sea filled with people asking…

“Is it real?”

The purpose answered… “it’s what makes you feel.”

I watched the experience of the feather.

It began to sink in the waters.

The dream no longer needed the carrier.

I knew it then – my dream was over,

It’s now The Fire of Heaven.


July17th2015 256


You seen I forgot my way home;

You went past the person and talked to the soul.

You understand what it means to be still;

To listen, to surrender, to be whole.

In your kindness I experienced the light of gold.

In your selfless intention – there was an intervention;

A prayer to Source – to remember the journey and stay on course.

I am grateful to thee.

Know that on this day, in your loving way… you’re an angel to me.


fireworks2015 001

I might look different now,
But I still try to walk the same ground.
I might not stand as strong,
But my core is still moved by the beautiful songs.
I might take longer then you to climb out of bed,
But when my feet touch the floor – I know I’m blessed.
I might have to sit a moment and take a rest,
But I love to watch everyone dancing in bliss.
I might need assistance to tie my shoes, to carry the groceries, get the trashcan to move;
But if you look in my eyes, you’ll see I’m true.
I might not be able to do what I did,
But I love just as deep and choose how to live.
Some call it challenge, some call it injury, some see it as a disability;
Not me;
My heart is still strong and my soul is free.
I learned some time ago…
It’s how we move the energy.