fireworks2015 001

I might look different now,
But I still try to walk the same ground.
I might not stand as strong,
But my core is still moved by the beautiful songs.
I might take longer then you to climb out of bed,
But when my feet touch the floor – I know I’m blessed.
I might have to sit a moment and take a rest,
But I love to watch everyone dancing in bliss.
I might need assistance to tie my shoes, to carry the groceries, get the trashcan to move;
But if you look in my eyes, you’ll see I’m true.
I might not be able to do what I did,
But I love just as deep and choose how to live.
Some call it challenge, some call it injury, some see it as a disability;
Not me;
My heart is still strong and my soul is free.
I learned some time ago…
It’s how we move the energy.

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