The Droplet

July22nd2015 116

Years passed, I held on to the dream like a droplet on a feather.

I would not let it blend with the water, I would not forget it’s creation.

I floated for a millions moments, keeping it centered;

Sometimes I had to let it reach my very tip… but I could not release it.

I waited and hoped with the loyalty of a prayer;

I cried so deeply that the rain bowed in my presence.

Then one day at the edge of the ocean – I noticed I was no longer echoing;

I called across the universe and my consciousness answered.

I searched for the sound of your static;

I heard the collective of iridescent matter.

In that space of surrender and grace… I gave the dream to the Masters.

The droplet left  the feather;

It became part of the whole sea filled with people asking…

“Is it real?”

The purpose answered… “it’s what makes you feel.”

I watched the experience of the feather.

It began to sink in the waters.

The dream no longer needed the carrier.

I knew it then – my dream was over,

It’s now The Fire of Heaven.

4 thoughts on “The Droplet

  1. The dream never dies. It is pristine and timeless.
    How we relate to it is the only witness to the change.
    The letting go is the only assurance of its eventual manifestation as it remains embedded within the fold of our Being… Until we delight in the Fire of Heaven. Thank you for sharing !

    • Thank you from my heart Claude for the beautiful kindness you show me. I have experienced something recently that showed me, what we “die” to in Heaven we also “die” to here and that if we turn away from something/someone here we will home as well. Consciousness is ever expanding and if we connect here as we promised or if we heal something we promised we won’t need that experience in Heaven/Home. It changes everything about being alive for me. I will have even more purpose then before. My love and gratitude to you.

  2. This is deeply beautiful, Reine; also at times painful, as I suppose any honest account of a journey must sometimes be; and I think I was struck most by how it pulls us, the readers, along step-by-step towards the Realization. I find it hard at times to retrace those steps when they culminate in a really expansive experience like you describe here, and am really moved by how clear-eyed and heart-fully you managed to pass through all those movements, the resistance, the trust, the longing, the pain, etc., to lead us to the same lessons that were illuminated for you. So inspiring.

    • From all my heart… thank you Seth. I know you completely understand the experience. I believe many times we bring up a defense because we imagine it’s going to be painful. Then when we change the space we are in – we see clearly how the whole experience was created by us. So what is really happening is we pass through our own minds, reach heart and release through soul. But we cannot do it without an experience. So… we make it a perception that if we are not careful can turn out to be paradigm. It expanded me way beyond anything I could have done without the whole experience. I can only say… TRUST the process. My love and light to you always. 🙂

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