A Glimpse

Aug13th2015 061

The sky showed the sun how to rise;

Just allow your light.

The water trusted the experience and reflected in sincerity;

The horizon created the harmony for the moment of beauty.

The distance allowed the gulls to cry and left their hint across the mind.

The trees held high the fire and outlined the mystery.

This is the truth of Creation,

A moment so prefect,

It could only reveal to the soul.



From Within – Moving Throughout

Aug8th2015 064 Aug8th2015 155

Right in the center of our being – radiates a light.

All creation reveals this in our eyes.

It calms the sentient mind – so we can be deeply inspired.

We must let go of the how or the why;

There is no answer that would let our soul be satisfied.

Just let your breath expand your senses,

The body has such denseness, thoughts can become relentless;

Don’t focus on it, move it and bend it.

What did your Spirit pull you through as you dream?

What did that whisper sound like as you weep?

What was that melodic rhythm that caressed you as you sleep?

Want to be free?

Love without mercy, create infinity, trace the beauty and share it with everybody.

Mystery is calling, our heart if falling into destiny.

This is the experience of possibility.

Trust – the journey.



Au2nd2015 012

So many things I would have said;

So many words – not enough breath.

Years of inspiration that created all that’s immaculate.

The most profound silences.

Shadows and whispers of  a daydreaming sentient.

Exploring the wondrous.

Reconstructing a moment, touching deep solace, trusting the process.

Choices and decisions,

A feeling, a healing, an accomplishment.

If I could paint the vision;

If I could sing the prisms;

If I could plant the gardens, raise the children,

Touch the sunset.

I’d have no regrets.

As I call your name across the vast divide –  It comes to focus,

These are the wings of experience.