Au2nd2015 012

So many things I would have said;

So many words – not enough breath.

Years of inspiration that created all that’s immaculate.

The most profound silences.

Shadows and whispers of  a daydreaming sentient.

Exploring the wondrous.

Reconstructing a moment, touching deep solace, trusting the process.

Choices and decisions,

A feeling, a healing, an accomplishment.

If I could paint the vision;

If I could sing the prisms;

If I could plant the gardens, raise the children,

Touch the sunset.

I’d have no regrets.

As I call your name across the vast divide –  It comes to focus,

These are the wings of experience.

One thought on “Experience

  1. Beautiful, Reine. There’s something very visceral about the language you use; it makes me feel that experience is something that can be touched in a sensual way, like dipping down into a pool, cupping the water with your hands. Then there is the sensation in the moment plus the recognition of what it has meant to you, both at once.

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