fullmoonAug29th2015 003You appeared as a luminous apparition  in the galaxy;

A conjunction was created from nothing,

All the lucid dreamers began to reach – you poured down your energy.

Rise to me as you breathe.

All the planets aligned, you kissed my mind;

I left my fragile body behind.

Everything centered, a mantra of ether, your pull like heaven.

Souls congruent, synchronicities  movement;

No sense of humanity could ever prove this.

Please stay in this space with me,

Please trust the Angels,

Existence is a vibration that’s changing.

You infuse me…

Celestial and eternal beauty.


2 thoughts on “Conjunction

  1. the body is rotting – as Joseph Campbell said – what we have inside is eternal and forever. We can let this body go and be one with the universe. Love this piece. Excellent job, Reine!

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