lunasept28th2015 045

All that draws us to what is beyond the clouds,

All that covers our eyes with shrouds,

An ancient luminous sphere’s presence;

Holds our attention in the cosmic heavens.

All the mysteries are outlined,

All the symphonies are divine – when you listen in the center of your mind.

Are you brave to leave it all behind?

What far reaches are on this course?

The beauty is how it pulls us inward.

How bright is the Source?

It’s a prism of all creation in the single beat of the heart.

Perception is in flux, life is a paradox;

Worlds collide when the moment is right – in the stillness of the night.

Don’t become a recluse;

Allow the kiss of the Muse,

Here is where energy will fuse,

The soul turns blue – whispers become tantra and love is fluid.

Congruent is the synchronicity between me and you.

Come through… and touch infinity.

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