The Healer Of Song (For Simon Le Bon)

Sept27th2014 643

It’s not a phenomenon, it’s not a religious right or dogma;

It’s the blend of words and tone.

It’s what is known.

When a life feels ignored and alone, when a fragile moment stops the flow.

When a heart is not sure where to go.

It’s a lifeline, a gentle light,

When they’re not sure how to make it through the night.

It’s a space to go deep and dream awhile.

It pulls a mind to softly unwind.

It uplifts a soul, it changes the sensation from numb to whole.

You must trust the flow.

You are a healer – as you weave your melody,

It’s not some miraculous intervention – it’s honest harmony.

Please believe.

It gives the tears a safe place to fall,

It makes a smile form, where there seems no hope at all.

It moves the life to create,

It holds the space.

So when you sing your song,

To all who are listening,

You bring this beautiful glistening – and take us on a journey.


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