Dream Of Nature

sept23rd2015 070Can you touch the colors of nature?

Can you feel the whispers of creation?

Do you sleep walk into my imagination?

Your presence creates a reverberation.

Have you tasted the waters of life?

Will you share your luminous light?

It comes to the surface in the stillness of night.

Can you dance without your body?

Can you trace my lips with melody?

Do you experience the mystery?

It’s a perfect symmetry.

Come soar with me – beyond possibility, further then the mind can see;

infused with beauty – it’s a drop of infinity.

Just you and me… writing history – that lasts eternity.

This is the dream of nature.

Thečhíȟila kštó

Oct12th2015 055For you with wings I speak,

For you with kindness I seek,

For you with heart I watch,

For you with humility I long to touch.

For you with trust, I listen deeply;

For you who is honest, I kneel in your beauty.

May all the wonders of creation rise in your presence,

May the sun and sky bathe you in their essence.

May the galaxies illuminate your steady path,

May the seas and forests honor your mask.

As you sleep, may your dreams heal your soul;

As you take your last breath,

May Great Spirit call you home.

Here in the silence – I sit under the tree,

Sending you light through eternity.

You Were Ashamed Of Me

Augsunset18th2012 171

I sometimes wish, I could go back to the ignorant bliss.

Back to that space where I trusted everything you said.

You spoke with such fluidity, you knew just what to say to me.

I had such profound respect.

I would have given everything for a single moment – in your presence.

I’ll never understand your intent,

I forgive… but I’ll never forget.

I have no regret, just a little emptiness.

I know that the connections pushed aside on this life path – won’t continue after this.

What could not be healed when given the chance – must be left.

The one thing that I would not have  conceived – how you became ashamed of me.

Hiding all the creations, under some strange name of make believe.

That says everything.

Spirit does not sit on a fence, there is no doubts or elusive promise;

It was a gift… of experience.