You Were Ashamed Of Me

Augsunset18th2012 171

I sometimes wish, I could go back to the ignorant bliss.

Back to that space where I trusted everything you said.

You spoke with such fluidity, you knew just what to say to me.

I had such profound respect.

I would have given everything for a single moment – in your presence.

I’ll never understand your intent,

I forgive… but I’ll never forget.

I have no regret, just a little emptiness.

I know that the connections pushed aside on this life path – won’t continue after this.

What could not be healed when given the chance – must be left.

The one thing that I would not have  conceived – how you became ashamed of me.

Hiding all the creations, under some strange name of make believe.

That says everything.

Spirit does not sit on a fence, there is no doubts or elusive promise;

It was a gift… of experience.

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