Time To Heal (Warning Graphic Photos)


It’s been a little rough this time round. This is my 6th spine surgery.  This one was to change the positions of the paddles connected to my spine because the first surgical implant was causing abdominal nerve pain.

I now have full coverage of the nerves going down both legs that got crushed.  The paddles are placed at t9/t10 and the wires are brought down my spine to the left where there is a battery implanted under my skin. This control the wave/pulses that mask the nerve pain. The older scar is where they have removed damaged disks and fused my spine with hardware.


I once again am sharing this because I want others to know there is hope. There is no need to suffer in life altering pain. I’ve read so many stories of people giving up and becoming addicted to pain meds – I want to let people know it can get better. I am in some discomfort due to the second surgery being so close to the first. I have to take it easy for a Month to let the paddles heal in place. If it moves I could cause severe damage to my spinal column. This device might not be the answer for everyone who has nerve damage – it’s been a miracle for me. I welcome anyone interested in learning more about the spinal stim implant to leave me a message and I will gladly answer to perhaps help maybe someone else heal.


Thank you everyone for your prayers and healing energy – it made this surgery more peaceful and brought me strength through it all.




8 thoughts on “Time To Heal (Warning Graphic Photos)

  1. I have back pain and I am miserable – I don’t know how you get through 6 operations. Wow. You are brave. But you also have the courage to talk about it and let other people in on your suffering – so that those with spinal issues know that they are not alone. It’s so important Reine – what you are doing. The info you provide. Proud of you. When I sit in meditation tonight – I am going to think about you and sit with your pain in mind. Wishing you a very speedy recovery. Hugs and love!

    • From my heart Brian – thank you. My hope is to share with folks about the SCS implant so they hear a good story as well as some of the negative ones about having the implant. I have been going through this since 2002 so I have learned to find my space of releasing the pain over the years. The first few operations were a must. Had I not – I would be back in a wheelchair. I also know that everyone experiences pain differently (there is no better or worse) back pain. I love swimming and that had always been my other healing the pain space. You don’t seem to let the pain stop you and that take a lot on bad days I understand. The kids help keep us going to. One thing I learned – don’t let people give you the guilt trip that; “you should be able to do this or that.” Take each day is it come cause back pain changes hour by hour. I am always here to vent to on the days that it might feel like the pain takes over and you can’t do much (I have those days too). I’d never have known you were miserable because you never complain. THAT says everything about your will and strength. My healing energy and prayers are with you too. Much love.

  2. I am beyond words Reine. You are incredibly strong! What a kind and sweet disposition you appear to have, while going through all these surgeries. The next time I am feeling just the slightest urge to complain about ANYTHING, I will be thinking of you. 😊

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