Dear Spirit

Dear Spirit, Angels and Guides

I can’t seem to find my connection in the light.

I know it’s there – in the stillness of my heart,

I faltered in trust and it tore me apart.

Dear Spirit, I took ten steps back, pushed aside all you showed me,

Left my world feeling black.

I don’t have money to get psychic assistance, can’t afford a tarot reading or an
Angel message.

I am asking in mercy, surrender and truth – please Spirit can you remind me of all that I knew?

Will you help me to listen and go deep within, to remember my purpose and find peace again?

I beg of you Spirit, may I be of service?

Show me the path – so I may return to it.

Dearest Spirit, I took for granted – the words you would send me to write as a lesson.

I ask forgiveness from all of my soul, please dear Spirit, will you guide me home.