Dear Spirit

Dear Spirit, Angels and Guides

I can’t seem to find my connection in the light.

I know it’s there – in the stillness of my heart,

I faltered in trust and it tore me apart.

Dear Spirit, I took ten steps back, pushed aside all you showed me,

Left my world feeling black.

I don’t have money to get psychic assistance, can’t afford a tarot reading or an
Angel message.

I am asking in mercy, surrender and truth – please Spirit can you remind me of all that I knew?

Will you help me to listen and go deep within, to remember my purpose and find peace again?

I beg of you Spirit, may I be of service?

Show me the path – so I may return to it.

Dearest Spirit, I took for granted – the words you would send me to write as a lesson.

I ask forgiveness from all of my soul, please dear Spirit, will you guide me home.

5 thoughts on “Dear Spirit

  1. Dear heart, the dark night of the soul is a deeply painful place to be if you resist the luminous dark. One wise woman told me once to trust. Trusting while in the formless void will enable you Spiritual eyes to adjust to the place of shadows. Trust dear heart! Your words for me are your words returning to you, because they are from the essence of love.

    • Dearest Chuck, from all my heart – thank you for your healing wisdom and reminder of this space. I do not feel as though it’s a dark night of the soul… more of a disconnect. Life choices have brought me to a space that my Spirituality has not been supported by loved ones. It’s made me question Spirit as to why. It’s been quite a few years now. I do trust no matter what.

  2. Dear Ms. Reine,
    It is a long time I have not seen or heard your heart thought’s.
    I don’t know if you will remember me.
    You were on the res out west, I am in the Hampton’s.
    I offered you help when a heart problem arose and you or a family member were going to the hospital.
    I have survived and I am glad you have also.
    Remember the first butterfly, seek its wisdom, it shows you the way home.
    As it transform’s so shall you, it is just a season in the sun, a new generation will arise from the old.
    The old spirit must die so that a new one can rise up to the light free again to fly.
    All Gods Blessings to you, may your heart be as light as a soft breeze on a new Spring day so you can spread your heart’s wings and soar again up to the light of the heaven’s.

    • Michael I could never forget you. Ever. You are a healing ray of light and compassion. I remember you had health challenges as well and I am so happy to know you have come through to a better space. I am deeply grateful for your wisdom and guidance. I am still working on letting the old go, releasing and renewing it seems. My love always dear heart. Thank you.

  3. My dearest Reine, I can never forget you too. You are my angel spirit, the light in the darkness to me . Your shining heart of love has brought me though many tough times. You are blessing from God to me and the universe. Let us surrender our hearts to God and listen to the angels that surround us and fill us with the healing never ending source of love.
    I deeply bow to your heart of God and pray for your protection and healing..
    I know God hears our prayers when said with humility and love and a heart of surrender.
    I know he listens to me because he came to me once as a child and said I am always with you and never fear, I will take care of you..
    I follow the divine’s wishes and know he listens to me and sends blessings everyday…
    I will pray for Devine intervention in your life to send you the true light of Gods love and strength you as you need it to overcome any obstacle impeding you on your path of Devine truth. Keep shining keep loving keep strong my dear friend…
    All my love and prayers and blessings to you my dear heart..

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