Breathless (Inspired by David Lynch)

runningman 2

Write the words with me,
A benediction to our beautiful journey.
Sing the verse with me,
We love like a melody.
Dream into me,
Lets collide with velocity.
Breathless, weightless, filled with serendipity.

Whisper your story across my soul.

Etch my days like glass and pour through my heart like a tonic of fire.

Sway in the tide of deep blue hues – under the velvet sky.

Sparkling moments standing still, feels like a spindle of stars bending light.

Can you reach so far… that every motion is a true devotion, that makes us whole.

Every silence, resonates a harmonic note.

Let go.

My perfect symphony – I behold,


Your voice is gold.




Adirondack Aromatherapy

This blog is not my usual writings. This blog is to share a very special company who’s creator is in my experience and opinion a deeply gifted soul.

Gretchen Morganstern and her Husband Thomas Morganstern are incredible hearts.

Gretchen creates Aromatherapy with a intuitive insight I have only experienced with her. The blends she forms are truly the highest quality and last longer then any I have used. Believe me – I’ve tried many essential oils, from all over the world.

I have asked Gretchen many times to create personal blends for me because of various reasons. One being to help with pain meditation, insomnia, nausea and connecting with my Angels.  I use her blends in my diffuser (I bought from her) and in my bath as well as on myself. Gretchen always makes sure we use her oils correctly and that we understand what they are used for. She explains any dangers and misuses that many other companies neglect to or do not have the knowledge to.

Every order I have placed has come quickly and wrapped with such graceful intricate detail. Right away as I open the package… there are beautiful scents and bows, lace and trinkets that are always directly personal to the soul. The energy comes right through. This last blend came at the most profound time for me. I’ve been healing recently from having my uterus removed due to cancer cells found. I had a life threatening complication due to a infection and it knocked me through a loop. I usually bound back – this was taking a bit longer then expected. Gretchen had been an Angel for me explaining exactly what would help with my feeling sick from all the anesthesia I was given.  I learned how ginger, vaporized was amazing for this. I fell in love with her blends called Pressure Off as well as it soothed my tummy fast.

Gretchen created a scent called Reine’ and with her healing intuitive ability – she knew the oils that would raise my energy/vibration to what I was experiencing right now. She also sent a reading with a very powerful affirmation that resonated so strong for me. The blue Butterfly is what really blew me away. As of late many have been telling me they “seen” me as a blue butterfly in dreams or as a soul/astral experience (something Gretchen would not know) and she sent a wonderful blue butterfly I will cherish for the rest of my life.

Gretchen is also a Reiki Master, I have experienced the energetic balancing/healing from a distance sent and with all my heart – so very grateful.

Anything one falls in love with from their shop is getting the purest and most lovingly created product if it be oils, soaps, scents or the magical array of Aromatherapy jewelry offered.

I know those reading my blog are open souls who understand the immaculate resonance of Aromatherapy and the healing it brings. Go have a look in ADK Aromatherapy… I promise you will be so very glad you have.





Cheap Astro Imaging!

This was done to show all those folks like myself who cannot afford thousands of dollars worth of astronomical equipment – you CAN enjoy imaging.

Is it the best quality; no! The idea is to see what the naked eye cannot in a scope.

These were taken with a Tasco scope I found for 13 dollars in the thrift store. I used a Skyraider agc 1.2 guide cam to capture the images using Mallincam software. – stacked a few in astro toaster.

The mount is a Bresser exos2 automated with stepper motors and EQ mod, not guided only tracking with 1 min subframes.  I am by no means a pro or claiming to be – it’s just good fun and amazing to see this in our amazing Universe.