The Poetic Garden (For Monty Don)

Oct28th2014 020

Born a Child of Nature – the soil nurtured you.

Hands strong with love and intention – your fingers became the roots.

There was life and breath within the land – you felt it with your soul;

You planted seeds of trust and truth  – this made the poetry grow.

You knew how flora captured light – you painted a garden’s grace;

You heard the symphony of the flowers  – then you planted a melodic space.

In your heart is a story – you’ve written it  in the meadow;

In every seed and every stone – resonates your echo.

A lifetime of moments by an apple tree – a exuberant presence on the tip of a leaf.

The taste of sun in a strawberry, the scent of love in a swaying lily.

The texture of wood is possibility…

Creation sighs at the vibrant beauty.

This is the healing we learn from Monty.




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