Music Makers (Bless You)



180126150222For you who walked this earth without fear,

For you who created a sacred space with tears,

For you who infused sound with purpose, who traced our beings with words,

For you who felt every emotion with color, woke in the sunrise with an open heart.

For you who moved forward without bounds.

For you who seen the faces of love in the beautiful and the solemn.

Every note you ever wrote… was a promise.

For you who never chose lies over honor.

For you who painted a melodic story, told the truth in the times of torment.

For you who shouted in the darkness, who seen the spark in us – knew it would make us hold on…

For you who held a guitar like a savior, whispered hymns to the strings like Angels,

We thank you.

We surrender to the voice of patience.

We need the music in our lives like nature.

When nothing else can reach us, when nothing seems to teach us,

When life has no other explanations…

Your melody is the motivation.

It moves our soul to make the changes.

This is for the hours of meaningful isolation… so the muse comes to surface when you can’t hear it.

Know we listen and appreciate it.

Please… never stop creating.






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