You whisper your story;
With dreaming breath.
To touch my soul;
Beside my bed.

A subtle trace – forms a silhouette;
Your echo blends with every footstep.
A smile shifts in vivid intent,
The evening moves with your quiet secrets;
The room is filled with melodic scents;
I surrender to the essence.

You whisper your story;
I catch my breath,
You touch my soul;
Beside my bed.
Is it in my heart – is it from my head;
I’m calling you closer to my bed.

The eyes in sunlight
Form an ideal;
Do we let them decide for us,
What is real?
In the darkness – what is guarded falls,
Inhibitions seep, beyond the walls.

You whisper your desire,
Beneath your breath,
You touch my soul,
Beside my bed,
Can you tame this heart – can you calm this head?
I’m calling you closer to my bed.

Refraction Of Light

Oct28th2014 180

What enchants the eyes, a glistening sky?

What entrances the mind; a whisper from the wise?

What reflects the light; a heart that never dies.

Can you reach the vastness; would you leave all ideals behind?

The universe is so diverse,  we know this deep inside.

We are as infinite as we are inspired.

There is no velocity in  stagnant sight .

It’s simple subtraction, takes just a fraction;

Love is an action,  we are sublime.

Trust is the protractor, truth  is the journey,  the heart is the refraction of  light.


aug25th2014 008

We try to hold on to,
We try to capture;
We take a photograph,
We write a paragraph,
We paint a canvas.
Yet moments, like memories, turn into perception;
We give them presence, we give them reverence,
We create them, we forget them.
A certain light moves, on the corner of the wall;
A familiar melody makes your heart recall.
A warm feeling rises from deep inside your soul,
A fragrant flower blooms and reminds you of it all.
We try to erase them,
We try to heal what we can’t forget.
We try to escape those moments we were blind;
We try to bury them in the back of our mind.
For every moment you’ve experienced,
There is a moment you have not touched yet.

The Other Side Of Light

As life brings change, the desert appears endless and dry.
The sun is relentless as it melts through the sky.
I do not ask why, just follow the motion.
What was familiar becomes shadows.
I remain facing the sun.
As light blinds my eyes, I find stillness my guide.
No path to pave, no moment to save, just carry on.
Who will be strong and take my hand?
Walk with me to the promised land?
Then I understand, there is no man on earth that can.
The whisper of life has no meeting ends.
We are not fairytales, no promises made the angels.
Unravel and unmask; make this not a task,
A choice of freedom.
Never look back, never look down;
Fly to the sound of rejoice!
This road leads to nowhere,
This love has one side,
I travel alone, to the other side of light.

Will She Fall (erotic poem)

Challenge me, scarlet beauty;
Your laughter makes my skin rise and fall.
One moment you pull and push my weakness;
In the next, you say nothing at all.
Sometimes, I’m not sure how to take you;
If I taste you, will I break you?
How deep will she fall?
Feed my wonder;
Find my twist,
Mind over matter,
I’ll ask you this;
Would you have me crawl?
Would you have me beg?
Just to taste between your legs?
You wicked thing, your sweetness stings.
Feed my night with astral dreams.
You and I, entwined in fire,
Dripping, feasting, liquid desire.
Wrap your lips around my tongue, Slide down my body;
Make me cum.
Don’t be cruel and tease anymore.

The Median Of Heaven

Magenta skies, churn and rush.
The heavens open up.
Mother earth raises her soul.
As above, so below.
You have me on my knees, brethren of nature.
Negative and positive clash and blend.
I hold out my hands, I take you in.
A posteriori.
You seep into me.
I am filled with your imagery.
The 4 directions release a reflection,
I call upon the east, I bathe in the rain.
I break the line between moment and gravity.
For we are the same.
Latitude and longitude, transverse and reverse.
Behold, the elements begin to converge.
We, are a metamorphosis of time.
We open the portal of dimensions.
In suspension from here and now.
I am sanctioned as I bow to thee.
I breathe your energy.
I’m alive in your mercy!
The storm rages on.

Trace The Muse

Kiss my mouth, kiss my hands, in the sky we meet again.
There is no promise, there are no vows.
Kneeling down, we melt through the ground.
Feed my mind and blend in my soul,
Entwine in my hair and breathe me whole.
Coil your hands around my body,
Move with me slowly, let me show you;
How I want you.
Kiss my spine, kiss my eyes,
In the sun, we are violet fire.

Hear the echo in your core, let your fingers come explore.
Taste me Muse, pull me in.
Pour yourself over my electric skin.

I want to slide in your senses, let down your defenses.
Like water and rain, you paint my skin.
This is love, not forbidden sin.

In the shadows, when I am alone.
My hands trace places I want you to roam.
Flooding waters rise then fall, I am yours
When you call…


Song Of The Forest

Eons beckon us to listen; Ancient songs passed down from the elders.

The mountains are bowing to the sky.

The forest weeps.

The rivers flow in perfection, bathe in their sanctuary.

The earth under our feet, bare her fruits to feast.

We are the children of the horizon – where above and below meet.

Bow in humbleness, honor your spirit.

We are greatness, we are endless.

Share your visions and truth, carve it in stone.

Generations to come, must find their way home.

Want not; for fear is a mask.

Believe in what you ask, for you are never alone.

call to the wolf, let him teach you to heal.

Call to the Owl, for the wisdom to hear.

But what you take, you must also give.

Let Mother Earth teach you to live.

Free your soul to soar like the Crow.

We are one you know.

As sure as we breathe, we must see – the circle of existence, the stillness in beauty.

Love is simplicity.

 And so it shall be.


Moment Of The Child

Sitting in my window is, sweet simplicity

Slight is the breeze of light tranquility.

A moment in solitude, reflecting on my youth

Brought out a truth, deep inside of me.

Have I forgotten the days of innocence, when the sky was the limit.

Imagination flowed, with joy and purpose.

It’s still there, as I pull it to the surface.

Just sitting by my window, laughter fills my ears. It seeped through the years and reminded me to listen.

In a moment through the glass, the child from the past, was calling out to me.

Come and play and dream; spin endlessly, climb the tallest tree, ride on the breeze.

Have I forgotten the days of innocence?

When the sky was the limit?

Imaginations flowed with joy and purpose, it’s still there

Now I pulled it to the surface.

In just these moments, I let go, my heart will overflow;

My perspective as it’s shifted, made the energy round me lifted;

Then this child soared, like I never have before.

Look outside your window, let the time there flow.

It will find you and pull you through, nothing is really lost or hollow.

Remember all you were

Remember how to see

With the eyes of a child

Set your spirit free…




Deep in the hours of breathless movement;

I drift to a silence devouring my skin;

Racing up my spine, is a current of fire;

I feel you whisper across my neck,

Though my lust is esoteric, I let you in.

Words blur into pulsations of warmth.

From your lips to my mind, you taste sublime.

Do you feel me calling?

Close your eyes in meditation, my hands explore you in soft sensation;

Can you take it?

In the hours between two worlds. my fingers slip down through the surface.

Right on the edge, exhaling crimson tides, I begin to drip.

Can you feel me pulling?

Are you flowing with me?

Just beyond dreams, outside of reality, I can almost scream.

Move with me;

Entwined in the elements;

Beneath reason;

Under Luna;

Through the ether;

Cum with me.

Sacred energy, break boundaries…




How would you make a change, if you knew why you were here?

Once; just a idea – you’re now experience, you are the essence of being!

What if your life, was created as a lesson; not for selfish purpose – but to expand consciousness.

To deeply feel, How would you deal with it?

What if you started to remember the lives before; how you’ve already evolved – would you close the door?

Would you search for more?

How would you use your wisdom;  if you expanded your soul, would you see it as a whole – would your ego let go?

Can you expand your vision; see others a prism -we are not so different.

Some are not awake; but what would it take, to grow from each mistake?

We must heal the soul.

Listen to the voice; the music of your breath, vibrations and sensations – tune your mind to it.

Free your chains of karma, focus on your chakras.

The universe is listening; the eyes of truth upon us.

Love is the key to unity; it’s why we are and always will be…

Live without fear, believe in your dreams, reach out to others, because life IS change.

Nothing stays the same, work through your pain.

See all of the angles to master your fate.

Let your world dilate.

bring nature in, cause we are in everything. Can you understand – we never end.

The choices begin with YOU…

Look in my eyes, see your reflection; take hold of my hand, hope is perfection.

Come and run, under the sun – sing and create, lets open the gates for others to shine!

This is the time, make it the time, this is the LIFE we will soar.


I’m the seeping thought, in the back of your mind.
The simple idea, you always passed by.
I am the seed, you refused to grow;
This is the smile, you never got to know.
I am the whisper, that wished you well;
Hidden in the corner, which you never found.
I am the light that shined on your soul;
But you closed your eyes and let me go.
I am the innocence;
I am the pure;
I am the silence that helped you endure.
I am the promise, you asked me to keep;
I am the tears, you cried in your sleep.
Why can’t you see me?
Through all of your fears,
I am the one, who loved you for years.

Open you mind;
Open your eyes;
Before this chance you have here dies.
Look at me here, my heart is open;
Nothing to hide, this sentiments spoken.
Tell me softly, what will you lose?
Take this risk, take my hand;
I will help you understand.
Reach for me, I won’t fade,
Let me help you pave the way.

Talk to me, laugh and you’re free,
Just simply be;
But you must believe…

The 7 Stages Of Deception

You can keep your secret signs, you can keep your blessed wine;

You can keep your holy lair, cause you won’t find me kneeling there.

You can keep your timless vows, your penitence and holy ground;

Call me a sinner when no ones around; I’m in no despair.

You can tell me all I’ll miss, because nature is  my bliss.

Say my cross is heavy to bare, that I’ll rot in hell for not speaking your prayer.

But now I’m aware, of deception there.

Drink from your goblets of rubies and gold, while the hungry are watching in the dark and the cold.

But what do they know?

Where are your humble? Where are your meek? I’ve read the pages in the book you speak.

Stand in your robes of trinity lost, passing the basket, cause the sermon will cost you.

I read between the lines, I’ve opened my eyes.

Creation is unfolding inside my mind. I hear her call, I am filled with her peace.

No steeple of stone will bring me home. I’ve been to that side, it’s stages of time.

It’s all in rewind, then halos of light, vibrations of white and luminous blue.

There is no devil coming for you.

That’s all control, fear of unknown.

All at once, you are everything, a timeless being, a center a median. You expand and contract, the it pulls you back;

To a point of stillness. You hear your purpose, you see your entrance.

But the vortex is strong and you can hear their song, you want to stay, but you breathe again.

Was this heaven? Was this in between?

How come the church won’t answer me?

My God does not scream in agony, he is in me. He is not weeping.

While you are still sleeping, I found my way.


Woman (we are one)

Shaman woman,
Healer of the tribe.
Mother of light,
So wise are her eyes.
They took her land
Barren stands her soul,
This is where she belongs.
I am only one,
But I will stand with you.

Somalian angel,
Ebony grace,
Face held to the sky,
God glistens in her eyes.
These tears run,
Deeper then any rivers flow.
Her child starves,
She screams for hope.
Still is her soul.
This is not freedom.
I am only one,
But I will stand with you.

Woman of the desert,
Sheath of black,
Beaten and tortured,
Eyes closed, she is silent.
Wounds of crimson,
Scars on her back.
Found guilty of pleasure,
A love forbid,
She weeps on the inside,
Left for dead.
I am only one,
But I will stand with you.

Ancient Philippino Butterfly,
Spread your wings,
Your land is your world,
Bore your crops.
Hours are years for you.
Basket filled with rice,
Sun blinding your eyes.
Nature gives you no mercy,
Sent the land rolling down,
Took your breath,
Your family
Your home.
Your cries we cannot hear,
Still our world lives on…
I am only one,
But I will stand for you.

Woman, you suffer so pure
Your soul shines on this earth.
What you endure,
Would break some.
Miles of life on your feet,
You walk, we run.
I lift my heart to you,
While yours bleeds.
I am only one,
But because of your courage,
Women can learn,
To stand together.


Starving Artist

Here I sit,
On a park bench.
In the city of circumstance,
Feeding pigeons of poverty,
Dreaming, of a soft cover harlequin romance.
Watching the passers by,
Making up stories for their lives.
I laugh to myself,
As I wonder, how I seem to someone else.
A month ago today,
I took a train to a better life,
And I worked to survive.
Music, taking a space on the back shelf of my mind.
Scraps of paper fill my pockets,
Ideas in rhyme.
They’re scattered, but they’re mine.
I look at some faces here,
And you can see the years,
What did they leave behind,
To feast in the city of lights?
Their eyes say they tried,
A cup of coffee, tells a story here.
It’s a night out.
It feeds my imagination.
Here on my park bench,
I can still smile,
Because the vibes are strong yet,
And I’ve just arrived.


Monochromatic lust
Tracing syllables
With your tongue to your lips
Let your mind slip
Your picture mind haze
Fed with phrase
Say nothing
Just wonder
Monotonous hours
Idle hands
Seek refuge
Eyes shut
Thoughts thrust
Hidden skeptic
Fingers tremble
Quench your thirst
For answers

Rest Assured

Do not wait to speak,
Silence will never give you mercy.
Nothings what it seems,
Beginnings are never easy.
Rest assured,
One simple word,
Is all you need.
Do not wait to connect,
What slips by,
Can torment your mind,
Leave questions on your lips.
Rest assured,
It’s not absurd,
Go after it.
Days so long and slipping,
Moments lost,
A severe cost,
Never let you live it down.
Never know,
Who wants to live like that?
Do not wait to try,
Own your life,
Nothings going to change.
Rest assured,
No regrets,
You will this time.

Live In The Sun (your perfect truth)

Deep golden warmth, surrounding your dream of life;

The solar star of fire and birth, whispers truth.

Under the guide of light you thrive, but do not live a lie.

For the heavens know, your secrets flow from the waves of energy.

You seek to be free, but can you not see? The illumination of everything you ought to be, is buried deep.

Let the rivers of eternity seep into your being. Why are you so afraid? A thought is all it takes, to make it so.

Years will pass, and the soul holds on to the glow. You’ve always known, but fear had a hold.

Do not waste this life, such a gift of time, each moment you could own.

Travel your path, but love is like sand –  it slips through the hands,

Though it never ends.

Many come to be for us, as we chose before we came, to experience love in many forms,

Never felt in vain.

But created in perfection, ideal in our reflection, is the twin of flames.

The vibrations are the same. The pull is truth, life stands still.

Nature bows and the universe sings, when these human beings meet.

The light of creation begins to pulsate,  the solar warmth then resonates.

In this space, water becomes air, and the galaxy pours down.

This love is the musical axis to the mystery of everything.



For all those who do not believe in love, these words I write are what I believe. So many have this fear, that they settle for less. We are not created to just exist. We have purpose, so does true love. If you spend your gift of life, with guilt and duty to another, or you feel that true love is work, ’tis not so. Love is not work; life and healing your karma is. The greatest work is from within. True love helps you soar, it creates a beautiful light that always opens doors. True love goes beyond give and take. It inspires and makes you fly. Many do not understand, that love is not just something you feel over time, love is how you came here, how you stay here, who you are. Live your perfect truth, and believe, never give up.


What paints the summits of your mind,

when sound is a diversion?
How will you pass the time?
Let your life pour over mine.
What are you searching for,
When you kneel to the sky?
Solitudes wrapped you in whispers.
In your secret scarlet lusting,
divulge so little while you’re slipping,
your serpent lips are trembling,
Stained is the skin,
you wear with envy.
Solitudes burned your door down.
Naked statue, stare and weep,
Eyes of marble, fall asleep,
Waking hours, seeming deep,
Solitude is your mistress.


Words can echo, in a empty heart,
Or trail so softly on a healing soul.
They can paint such vivid portraits,
On strange imaginations,
Or create situations, in variations.
It’s stimulation, in pronunciation.
Words are twisted,
Yet understood.
Words are feelings, turned to sound.
Yet, as strong as words can be,
None are as strong as silence.

Polarity Of Truth

What bitter pill did you swallow?
What makes a heart so hollow?
What did you hope to achieve?
Is this how you want to live?

Not all people are the same.
Direct the words, where the angers to blame.
You’re only destroying yourself,
Loathing will just pin you down.
There will always be fear before trust,
But, to live in your past and disgust,
Is imprisoning your soul.

We were all meant to grow.
Learn from mistakes as a whole.
This is the reality of life,
We hear, not always what we like.
But you have to understand,
And respect every gentile hand,
That reaches out.

Harmony, is what it’s all about.
You can disagree with me,
Yet, exist peacefully in the same space.
Pride, can only save face for awhile.
So open up your mind and smile,
Understand another view,
And remember,
The polarity of truth.

Jewel Mind

We are all born into bondage of the senses
We meditate, to release our essence
Imagination gets us high
A solitary breath, keeps us grounded
Reach for the infinite
Let the world surround us

In the core, we are one
Peaceful and humble
Eyes like azure, porcelain skies
Your jewel mind, serene
Your smile is the color of glass
Clear as it shines
Crystallize these images
And break the ties
Free your senses
Let love be blind

Convergence Of Sacred Spheres (Thank you)

In the stillness of this moment,  just before breath becomes energy;

You infuse me.

From earth to sky, your sphere of light fills my eyes.

Like the sacred spiral of perfection, the music of your creation is electric.

Convergence of soul and eternity, dreams and reality, this is what you mean to me.

Miles from my shore, the ocean keeps no secrets as it carries the connections of peace.

Deep in my sleep,  the spheres surround me, their vibrations feed me.

Like a waterfall of understanding,  this blends inside,

Their colors of wisdom rise, connections increase.

Thank you for this beauty, for listening and whispering truth.

For the element of you, the messages came through; now I am free.



The Eyes Of The Deep

Here I lay,  bowing down to the earth.

It cannot hurt more then this, my soul whispers to divine bliss.

In this suffering, I know you love me. In this deep fear, I know you have given me grace.

Life stains my face, as I thought you had left me to fail my own will.

It hurts to breathe, it hurts to be.  I ask you how do I redeem? How do I find solace and peace?

How can I earn my experience;

to lift my existence free?

Blinded by the promise of ages, outlined by the scrolls of sages, time does not turn the pages.

Truth does not scream. It is known, but never seen.

Burned into skin of virtue, I call to you. Can you sense me dream?

Pour your lives over me.

Here I lay, bowing to the earth, since the time of birth, all has been chosen.

The pain had blocked the knowledge; blinded by thy self, held in captive by resolve.

The years took shape, the numbers became the map of fate.

Music was the burning flame.

All along above my head, was the light of promise I began to sense.

Unity and illumintation, for I am creation, for I am the key.

I unlocked the perceptions, I aligned with the shamans and lost all conceptions of me.

Now I believe. This is our journey. This is the life, that has caught up with me.

Humbled, I bow to thee. This is the debt I will clear in your mercy.

There is beauty in the perfection of awakening.


The beauty of form.
The perfect circle.
Balance, harmony, sensation,
Infused with energy, spin together.
We are infinite,
We are creation.

We search for the explanation,
Of the unexplained,
Prophecy or theory,
The soul grows weary in it’s ways.
So mankind strays from it’s purpose,
To explore,
Much deeper then the surface,
Some try to ignore.

We are part of the equation,
The universe of inspiration,
The science of vibrations,
Musical notations,
Tantric pulsations,
Reach for the infinite.
When two, becomes one.





Blue melts to white,
She craves your eyes,
She holds your mind.
Energy of light,
Element of fire,
Bending shadows,
Outlined shapes,
Lend way to collective silence.

Tantric pulsations,
Warm vibrations,
Don’t make her your enemy.
Heat rises,
Follow it.
Understand her grasp,
Watch her dance,
She’s velvet to your eyes.


Between The Worlds

Waves of sound sooth my soul into slow motion;

I’m being pulled into another realm of existence;

I feel no resistance, as my mind races.

Lifetimes come to the surface, how I want to touch this, believe it and understand.

My energy radiates from the core,  I opened the door, love is the key.

My eyes shine with the peripheral light of being, Colors of sanctuary align my breathing and feelings.

Superimposed into form, the air is warm, flowing like fire.

Tuning into you takes us higher. We spiral and reach. Earth cannot contain this prayer,

The soul is greater then all elements that make us aware.

Where have you been? I’ve been calling;  All these years.

As I lay here at your feet,  tears flow from places buried deep;

We are creations symphony, melodic and pure, cover me in peace my love;

Let the lives we’re living merge.

There is no form, there is no words.

Divine wisdom submerged.

Time is not liner, even as we are here, we never diverge.

Synchronicity comes to us in simplicity. We are where we need to be.

Emerge with me, and change the world.

High Expectations (lyrics in progress)

I don’t know, how I appear to ya,

Do I meet, with your criteria?

When you look at your reflection, do you see what you’re expecting?

Do you feel the reality, all the things you want to be?

You know I see your truth, all the shame is showing through.

If you live with high expectations, negative sensations are your conformations,

Pick  me apart, right from the start, have you lost your heart, when it comes to humanity?

So what you’ve got the claim to fame, everyone wants you and knows your name.

But in those hours of idle thought, can you remember, what you were taught?

Never bite the hands that feed, live in love,  let go of greed.

Give in to the ego, you’ll live in the shadows, why be so shallow, then your world is an echo.

If  you live with high expectations, negative sensations are all your creations.

If you open ,your mind to the truth, we will see you shine, from the other side.

Find it in me and you’ll see it in you. Let all your expectations go, then you will know, You’ve finally arrived.

Atomic Love Notes


Your current is rising, high above my head

The shock is mesmerizing,

Throws me to a void.


Enkephalin drowns me,

Astounding that you found me,

But you would not stop the voltage,

Racing through my veins.


Adrenaline, descending

Supernova, impending.

This frequency you’re sending,

Leaves me barely standing.


Select, reflect

At last, connect

But I cannot emulate,

What’s not evolved?


Equation solved, pattern dissolved.

The rings around your eyes are gone.

WE stand still, we race time,

You could not let the moment lie.

Intellect, dissect

Atomic, neglect

This is how I blew your mind.





The Key


I follow no false prophets,

I follow no illusions,

The ego, the superficial

We are, always have been.


Kami, Shaman, Sage, Sufi

We all reach for Brahman.

We all search for truth.

Creation, numbers, nature, the universe listens.

Be open to the answers.


Gratification, expectation,

Let go of it.

Dream, be silent,



We are PI, we are color,

We are flesh and bone.

We are ideas, love, universal.

Life is karma,

Life the circle,

In the palm of your mind,

You hold the key.



Ice (woman of vengeance)

So cold woman, your eyes like ice,
Your tongue, lashes like fire,
Hands like barbed wire,
Cut to the chase.
Vengeance for power,
You seep, in such morbid hours,
Was I your spy?
Tricked into information,
Changed my identification.
Was I your, claim to fame?
What a treacherous game you play.
Such a temptress lady,
A un-even exchange,
You run for cover,
But I still taste your name.

Rolls off my mind like glass,
Shattered from your past,
You’re the mistress of my barren soul,
All your anger, takes its toll.

So distraught angel,
Your heart is stone,
Heavy to carry,
Harder to hold.

Bare your teeth, scrape my back,
In any moment, you attack.
Words, your weapons,
Silence your shield,
Hope someday, you find your ideal.

Look at me rebel,
I am whats real,
But you’ll never know,
Cause you can’t feel.
Lonely woman, eyes of ice,
Seen your life of sacrifice.
Torn and bitter, to the end,
Drink down your sorrows,
Now I’m a free man.


Ambassador Of Destiny


Imagination, the eternal flow,

Ambassador of the creative glow,

Shine your energies, beautiful soul,

Show me hope, help me grow.


Majestic columns, protect the heart,

Focus, on the soothing warmth,

Caught my breath, worlds apart,

But the pull is strong,

And I will follow.


In the wake, passed a thousand years,

Ancient whispers, cling like tears,

Sail across the livid sky,

Without form, you touch my mind.


Ageless, altered, suspended time,

In this moment we recognize,

How we changed destiny…





In your mind, the words decieve;

I could not reach you;

Because you would not believe.

A world so shattered, a heart so torn;

I tried to show you, how love belonged.

Why you stepped back, encased in fear;

Has left me helpless, to teach you to heal.

In your hours outside the pain;

You shine like a prism, that bleeds through the rain.

Close your eyes, hold your breath;

Let the calm become you, the soul will drift.

On your knees, scream to the sky;

Do not ask why, just fall.

Please believe, that I will catch you;

I will hold you;

If you just let go….



Take It; For What It Is

The imperfections of a human nation,
Brought to the surface,
With the modern day segregation.
Hypocrites, lunatics and fascists writing speeches,
Trying to teach us, and force feed us.
What is education, in a angry nation?
Nothing left for imagination or creation.
Take this for what it is.

Point fingers in a house of glass.
See how fast the masses come to the rescue.
Everyone’s got answers, But no one knows what to do.
Talk is cheap, in a world of over indulged haikus.
Everyone’s been abused.
Everyone’s been bruised.
Not a day goes by, that someone does not cry,
I am a victim of the system,
To anyone who will listen,
Take this for what it is.

Pop icons rule the world,
Coffee table reading is in the classrooms.
The internet, is that little pill,
So hard to swallow,
So many follow blindly,
Take this for what it is.

Intellect in retrospect,
Can fall short in the wrong hands,
This does not make the man.
Serial killers can have high IQ’s,
See this everyday in the news,
Take this for what it is.

All we are told, life’s evolution.
We can fill it with fear and disillusion,
You can spend it judging and searching truths.
In the end, you will look in the mirror,
And it will still be you.
Take this for what it is.

Perception Of A Photon Kiss

Who is watching the universe?

To bring us into actuality;

Could it be, for you and me, our perception of reality?

Idealism and Quantum Mechanics;

Photons, Neurons, Nucleus and Atoms;

So romantic, our minds expanding – with deep understanding.

Kama Sutra mathematics.

The world is full of matter, regardless of appearance;

Though it seems pragmatic.

This is how it’s clearest, the subatomic level – is most fundamental,

But without interpretation, it sounds incidental.

Love is experimental, observe it though obscure,

It’s a chemical reaction, to bonding in this world.

Now perception of the universe, in theory will always be diverse;

The relative state, that we observe – rearranges to my mental curves.

So kiss my spine, with lips of fire,

In our desires, we recreate time…



As I put down my guard, and talked through my fear,

I told you a secret, in my heart I held near.

How foolish I feel, as the words came to fall, through my fingers like prisms of light on my wall.

I look in the mirror, to find what is wrong; Is my light somehow tainted that I’ll never belong?

Could it be, what I see, in others is fake? Might my mind be near sighted and my soul is misguided?

What’s left to believe? If my world is deceived? All that I see… seemed real to me.

Perspective when interospective can cause the universe to break.

All these years, this life held silent, with a smile in my eyes and the hope never died.

Words scrolled on paper, held together by time. No one cared to read them, no one tried to find why.

How I wanted to shine.  In someones mind.

Just once.


The planets align, we go into rewind
Mercury rising, pushes us behind
Universal flow, pulls like undertow
Do we feed the flow?
How else do we know, how do we connect?
In retrospect, does it really matter?
When the mind is scattered, when emotions flatten.
Saturn will still, spin on her axis, and we break.
The energy soars, it opens the doors to the same vibes.
WE are alive! We breathe and thrive.
Dreams come to life, how do you explain this?
A surreal twist? Are you open to it?
Take my hand, let fear fall away
Our vibrations the same, though it seems very strange
it’s real.

Nose Hair Of Doom!



It was wrong,
I could not help but stare,

My attention kept turning,

To your one nasal hair.


It protruded quite vividly,

Though I tried not to gag,

The fear it would fly out,

Had my thoughts going mad.

I rubbed my own nose,

Thought you would too,

Instead you kept talking,

That plan was no good.


I offered a tissue,

You politely declined,

Said your sinuses were healthy,

Though, I thought you were blind!


With each breath you took,

The hair would twitch.

How could you not feel that?

Don’t that thing itch?


I got mental pictures,  it flew out of your nose,

Onto my lip, in my eye, or got stuck to my clothes.

Made me step back, with dry heaves cause it’s gross.

Should I run? 

Give you scissors, a mirror, tweezers or a gun?

Finally you smiled,

We talked for a while,

The nose hair was certainly lacking in style.

I said my farewells,  to the nose hair of doom!


The lesson here folks,

Remember to groom!


The Beginning


What drew you, to the place of no faith?

What did you clutch, when the lights went dim?

Night was a cascade of reality, broken by insecurity.


What comforts, can also absorb,

Whispers in the core, tell you let go,

Remember life, is ebb and flow.

Don’t brake the waves of thought,

This is what you were taught.

You have to break the chain,

Find some answers, to this claim.


Steady days of endless searching,

Face the science of the soul,

What was broken into pieces,

Found it’s glue, and now is whole.

All this time, the world inside you,

Had a voice, but drowned in fear.

Now you’re free, of all convictions,

Reminds your heart, just why you’re here.


Sleep so sweetly, in your slumber,

Ask the questions, that make you wonder.

Answers come, when time is ready,

Life is slow, but always steady.

Pain and sorrows fill you in,

Break the boundaries, and breathe again.

What began, will never end.