My Book/About Me

I am a author-poet -with creative theories about existence





My book is now out of print. It was published in 2005 and thanks to so many – it raised a wondrous amount for make a wish.

I was told a few folks found it second hand on Amazon.

I ask if you do find anything inspiring in the writings – please pass on the love and inspirations to others in your own way.

I am grateful for all these years of connecting with the most amazing hearts through the door of words.

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13 thoughts on “My Book/About Me

  1. I could not find your “Moving Forward” entry of Nov 27th in the blog… even if I received it by email…

    Thing is I just wanted to connect to you and comment on this inspiring and so touching story of forgiveness, truth, love and discovery of self. You made me well up (yet again) Luv! lol

    I miss ddm sometimes – redsonja here 😉 … only to admit that you are one of the persons I liked to chat with.

    Never give up on your tremendous talent, xxx Sonia

  2. Great Blog.

    Yes –> Be Love. (Aleph-Bayt) – It’s the true teaching of the rabbi Yahshua. (Jesus) The teacher and mystic who always called “God” the Aleph-Bayt. (Ab) and taught that The Kingdom of God is within – Luke 17:21
    He was crucified for saying the simple words “yod heh” — “I AM”

    Love your neighbor as yourself. Love your enemy. Turn the Other cheek. Be Love — Be the Aleph-Bayt. Be the yod heh. It’s within, and in everything.

    It’s ALL that exists. We have forgotten but we are remembering now.
    We were asleep, but now we awaken. Blind, but now see.

  3. Nice website, and your book sounds most interesting. Right up my alley!

    PS…Matches…Gemini, Sagittarius, Libra, Aires

    I take it that you are Aquarian?

  4. Reine, I love your poetry, You should submit some to Tifferet Journal I’m sure they would accept it for publication thay start reading again sometime in Sept. Blessings always, Dave

    • From my heart, I am honored. Thank you for the time you have taken to read my poems and the kind support. I would love to somehow reach out more and share with others. So many inspire me I am forever grateful. All your understandings always resonate with me and I cherish the light they bring. So many need the guidence and compassion both you and the Mrs bring. Blessings and light Dave. Maybe you can send me the journal link to sign up on twitter, please?

  5. Hi Reine

    I lost touch with you when I changed my wordpress account. Just realised that we follow each other on Twitter so got your blog address there. Your book sounds wonderful and the poetry is pure magic. I would like to add a link to your page on my blogroll. Is that ok? My new address is Many thanks for speaking to my heart through your writing. Love and blessings from Izzy

  6. Hey Reine! I finnally popped back into DDM. Glad I noticed this link! Great site, good to see you doing well 🙂

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