When Someone Reaches Out

Oct18th2014 030

When someone is brave, in the middle of sorrow;

When they somehow find the voice to speak – because they want a new tomorrow.

When all they can do to form some words, is whisper in your ear;

Don’t criticize their broken lives – they trusted you through their fear.

When someone reaches out – but their words seem to make no sense;

Listen with your open heart, it’s not about content.

When someone is breaking down in front of you, please don’t turn away,

You might be the one person – who helps them through the day.

When someone admits they are worried, when confusion and sadness sets in;

Even a gesture of a caress on the hand could be the biggest difference.

Don’t make it all about you, don’t try to give advice;

Just be there fully present, look deep into their eyes.

When someone comes to you – not sure how to stop the tears;

Let them know you’ll stand beside them, though the answers are not clear.

Never challenge a shattered soul, who speaks of taking their life,

Though we may know, the moment will go;

The emotions are real in their strife.

When someone asks for help, guide them to a source;

Without judgement or opinion, encourage them to that course.

When someone trusts in you, to share the darkest hours;

Be grateful and humbled they see in you – a garden of healing flowers.


Your Beautiful Wings


I watch quietly, to hear everything.
As the sun poured from the sky, it painted your beautiful wings.
Your soft eyes speak, your calm voice seeps deep;
I drift to sleep.
Come sit next to me in nature,
Come fill your moment with laughter,
In stillness there is one heartbeat.

Could it be…

We incarnated, to reveal love’s mystery?
Silence is the music and life is the dream.


Sept27th2014 187

How can it be, you hear me?
How do you know, what do you see?
How is it – you reach me in my dreams?
How do you know what I am feeling, say things I thought before I speak?
Are we ripples of the same velocity?
How did we first meet?
Do you understand the connection?
Is there an answer for the unexplained mystery?
Does there really need to be?
Hush your mind, unwind and let your spirit enjoy the beauty.
It’s a gift of the heart, to reach so far – to be so free.
Would anyone trust this, would anyone truly believe?
Questions are in abundance, to satisfy logic, there is no need.
Simply know, from in your soul, there is more to trust then are eyes can see.

Casting The Sail

Sept27th2014 334

On a humble sea I float;
On the water of life, I’ve anchored this boat.
On the waves of love – I sink or swim;
In the depth of blue, I go within.
I cast my sail to winds of trust;
I drowned in anger and surfaced in lust.
I touched the horizon of purpose.
As the shore moves further away;
I let go of the past and live for today.
The tide hears me pray.
I drift in bliss as the daylight mists and my fears begin to fade.
I am the sailor of eternity.

The Heartfire

Sept27th2014 447

For every breath, in every hour;
For every beautiful smile and every gracious flower;
The most impeccable joy,  the most immaculate voice.
My heart is on fire and open wide.
Such profound light, a pull so strong it goes beyond sight.
A calling so pure, I will endure.
A space we all know so well, a welcoming of the truest depth.
My Soul in awe, a radiant star.
Every bit of my part in creation – knows who you are.
The Union of Heaven on Earth.
This is the awakening of love.
Become the Master you ARE.


Sept22nd2014 222

Such a useless space.
Going over and over what should have been.
Replaying the pain like a script.
Constantly reacting.
Feeding your mind the poison of obsessing.
Nothing ever comes out of it.
Lost sleep, headaches, tears and years of regret.
Don’t look in the mirror and find every flaw you believe it reflects.
Let it go, life will flow; heal your heart and free your soul.
What could you have done different?
Learn from it – then move on.
Not everyone around you sees what you do.
Your worst critic, wasting precious time.
Sometimes you have to close your eyes and open your mind;
Leave the ideals, rules and perceptions behind.
Take it a day at a time.
Don’t let your idiosyncrasies  make you blind.
You close the window of hope and bored it up when you give in to the lies.
Don’t be your worst enemy, know your beauty;
Stop the cycle and change your destiny.

A Million Revolutions Around The Sun

July26th2014 070

We are millions, we are one
We are the revolutions of the sun
We are solar, we are sacred
We are the eclipse of human and nature
We are a spectrum of sonic light
We are the vigil you hold at night
We are the keepers of the flame
We hear your Spirit, we know your name
In the numbers, in the science, we are the congruent and fluid lines.
We are the abstract, we are the matrix,
We are the universal Angels.
You called us to guide you, we are beside you, trust the process.
In the sirens of your soul, we are the sound that keeps you whole.
In your metric scales of light, we ARE the music you hear at night.
We are the fractions, the infinite formulas of all attraction.
We are the motion and refraction of color, we are the magnets of the interstellar.
We are the thoughts that inspire your mind, we are the muses that clear your eyes.
Do what is right.
We call from Andromeda, we create the formula;
We are the everlasting waters.
You are the child of the cosmic align, with this purpose is an honest life.
Make the wrongs a right.
Or the silence we give you… will fall out of sight.
Stay true, it’s in you,
Change is the resonant tone of design.

The Storyteller

Sept18th2014momsnewdesigns 101

In the silences she listens, her hands are her minstrels.
She weaves a moment from thread and stone, she builds a mystery with glass and hope.
She speaks of the ancients, elders and children.
No words are given, just creation’s mission.
Every braid of wool she starts, is a lifetime of blessings from her heart.
Little one, you are chosen, to spread the message of love and devotion.
Visions and travels beyond this dimension, bring peace and healing through the gifts you are given.
From a time of youth, you knew the truth, your world was painted and carved from wood.
You gave such glory to the winds, you held the fire and walked the lands.
For many moons and many suns, your hands made miracles from clay and mud.
For every stitch and every sew,  your breath is twine, your trust the rope.
You hold the gem of above and below.
Go little one, step forth on your path, show them the wisdom you learned from the past.
Capture the stars in the sparkle of glass.
You make the jewels of the heaven dwellers.
This is the medicine of the Story Teller.

Never Give Up (A prayer for all those who are lost)

July26th2014 122

It might hurt like hell, every part of your soul is shattered.
Everything that once mattered, is now just a broken pattern.
Your whole life is bleeding.
No stone left unturned, every bridge is burned.
All those you love have gone, you scream in agony – why carry on.
Why are you even here?
The choice seems clear… disappear
Somehow, some way, you wake on the floor in the same spot you laid.
Another day.
How did you make it? You can’t believe your soul could take it.
Is this going to be the rest of your life?
Is the struggle worth it – to hang on to see the other side?
So you slip into auto pilot. Every moment becomes silent.
You go numb and blinded.
But deep inside it, there is this spark – you just can’t find it.
A reality check? You preach how life is not some secret.


At night when you climb into bed, when your mind gives in.
There is a dream you cannot forget.
It seeps through your wakefulness, it hides within.
A smile sneaks from the corner of your heart when a child laughs.

What is this?

A reason, a moment, a gift.
Never give up, because one time, is all it takes,

You begin healing and feeling again.

LIVE for this.
One things is for sure, now is all we get.

Peering Through The Hole

Sept15th2014b 018

What lay beneath your breath?
A quiet perception, a mired fascination?
An empathic lust?
What did you see when you peered beyond the gate?
Was it illumination,  purification, a beautiful shade of love?
Step out of your structure, your body is a function,  astral travel.
Let go of your mind for a moment, thoughts turn into movement, trace a flower with your Spirit.
Weave around me like a halo of music, infuse your soul with sacred purpose.
This is our garden of mercy.
There is hole in the universe, a vortex of words;
Your eyes only see now – how your heart built a world.

Sept15th2014b 007

I’ll Come Back

July26th2014 139

No matter how bad it gets,
No matter how you might imagine I have regret,
No matter how much was misunderstood,
I would hold you if I could.
No matter how much time has passed,
I would still greet you with open hands.
No matter how you think I feel,
My heart is where you can come to heal.
My promise is true and my love is real.
A million tears may come to fall,
No matter how far I must crawl,
I’m here to lift you to the sky, no need to explain or ask me why.
Forgiveness is a gift we give without bounds.
All the expectations that make us drown.
If you need me, I’ll come back,
Life is a reunion, if we trust to ask.


Beautiful Being

Sept12th2014 038

Silence is the purest symphony.
In the sparkle of the sea, there is melodic energy.
Every grain of sand is a note – in the perfect harmony.
The ebb and flow of the tide, is the polyphonic symmetry.
The music is in between breath and heartbeat.
The essence of inspiration – is the mystery.
Listen deeply, I am the beautiful being.
In the rush of winds, in the hush of stillness;
I caress your hands.
Keep your heart wide open.
As you fall into the wilderness of slumber – my whisper pulls you under,
The silver chords connecting.
Come play with me in the universe.
In your mind I speak the verse of cosmic resonance.
As you wake into the glorious morning – remember how your soul was soaring;
Turn it into music.
Others will touch this space, from your creative grace,
You’ve found your calling.
Walk in trust now, be honest and kind;
For the Muse of the celestial spheres is pouring from your eyes.


Sept9th2014 110

In the serendipity, in the tears;
In the corner of your eye, in the center of your fear.
In the broken pieces of your heart, you surrendered in the dark;
There is a familiar voice – the slightest touch.
In the most immaculate dream.
Somehow you made it, through a crash at high speed.
A strong intuition gave a premonition, you can’t explain it, but you always listen.
A warm glow, the scent of a rose, a vision of home.
A strong energy,
An epiphany.
A guided journey, a call of service, inspirational beauty.
Angels sing and Angels weep.
In their hearts are our prayers they keep.
Right beside us, beyond perception – Angels resonate and we are protected.


Sept4th2014 009

You kept your promise, from the great beyond,

You called me in your sacred heart.

A child of the stars, you held out your arms,

Come to me and know this world.

On the wings of a hawk, in the eyes of the wolf, Great Spirit  rejoiced and showed me your truth.

You gave of your body, to nourish my soul,

You cradled my form, so that I may be born,

You held me close.

Beautiful woman of the morning sun, I honor your life as the breath of dawn.

You taught me humility, honor and responsibility.

You showed me the path of honesty and peace.

I watch your glory and your humble way, you taught me to be still and taught my to pray.

You show me creation in the palm of our hands,

You stood by my side when I had nothing left.

For this gift you gave me in this great mystery,

I am forever in your service, Whenever you’re need.

Mother you are pure, Mother you are kind,

I am grateful for this chance, to know you in this life.



aug28th2014 228

For it is true, in these spaces,
We can live, in both places.
What blooms here, was ignited  there,
A world of music, light and air.
There is a bridge, that crosses over;
Beyond perception, through the clover.
In a whisper, with a dream,
No-thing here, yet everything.
In this existence, there is no resistance;
There is clarity and pure intention.
We are mysterious – beautiful – perfection.
Like children we laugh and all life elevates;
We blend our colors, and nature regenerates.
We reach, heal, share and create,
The eternal connection is the breath of Heaven,
We are in-between.



Travel The Universe

aug29th2014 070

Beings of light, travel the Universe at night,
Across a visceral space of flight.
Eons are transient, momentum is fluid, life is a perception of the eye.
The seahorses of the sky.
They dance in pairs, like solar flares, they bend the mind,
They create a siren.
In the center of your being, what you are seeing, is their melody;
Sung to the tone of immortality.
All the Heavens are resonating, all that lives is pulsating,
They open the gates of transmutation;
The infinite dream.
As they come into your awareness, you progress.
This is the prayer of sacred bliss,
Know it.
For in the solar ion winds – Spirit always returns them.







aug25th2014 008

We try to hold on to,
We try to capture;
We take a photograph,
We write a paragraph,
We paint a canvas.
Yet moments, like memories, turn into perception;
We give them presence, we give them reverence,
We create them, we forget them.
A certain light moves, on the corner of the wall;
A familiar melody makes your heart recall.
A warm feeling rises from deep inside your soul,
A fragrant flower blooms and reminds you of it all.
We try to erase them,
We try to heal what we can’t forget.
We try to escape those moments we were blind;
We try to bury them in the back of our mind.
For every moment you’ve experienced,
There is a moment you have not touched yet.

The Return From Heaven

June28th2014 110

Through the passage and the release,
We enter a journey of infinity.
A voyage of incarnations, new energy,
Reconnected with soul family.
There is the embrace of deep divinity,
No expression on earth could explain this being.
The light is healing, re-creating;
This is consciousness we’re all vibrating.
You greeted me, was life a dream?
You show me how we died in Heaven,
To form into a reality.
Why could I not see, the simplicity,
How life is  a perfect symmetry.
You were always a part of me.
The veil took my soul memory.
I seen my birth – upon the earth,
Here I know true unity.
When I return, when my mission is learned;
I trust right here – is where you’ll be waiting.

Emotions (The Incredible Experience)

July26th2014 092

It only takes a second, we can’t control it.
The heart beings to open, flood gates surrender to a vulnerable sunset.
All the challenges we conquered, all the nights spent wondering;
All the quiet moments, when we left words unspoken,
It becomes a flood of emotions – resonating “what if.”
Are we all creating a space for regret?
Born to experience, it’s nature’s essence.

So we flow on…

A profound connection gives way to the space of reflection;
Remember the days when life was immaculate?
What brought us to this?

We still flow on…

Then in the quiet morning, when the new breath is dawning – eyes open.
Something is pulling at the Spirit;
It knows where it’s belonging,
There is no ignoring the calling.
A second chance to change an outcome.
We’ve tried all other channels,
Kept up the idea that the dream is impossible.

Yet, somehow…

The sky is changing.

It’s time to feel it.

The Sheath Of Light


Come child to the edge of humanity,
Lay to rest your eyes of vanity.
See with purpose the sheath of light,
Forgive your burdens, relinquish your strife.
In the wayward rolling land, rise to the thunder and hold out your hands.
We know you’ve waited for lifetimes to see,
How it is you came to be?
Was it a spark?
Was it fusion?
Was it two souls that split from the union?
Are you infinite?
Are you whole?
All of the questions are healing your soul.
In the sound you’ll find your answer,
Till then be humble,
True love is the master.



Have you ever noticed,
When the tide swells,
It rises just enough,
To reflect the moments, to trace the dreams;
To hush the mind and make it bleed,
It has a story to tell.
Have you ever surrendered to the cool waters?
Watched the sky in the ripples and puddles?
Was there a hope you threw into the waves?
A message to be carried across the sea?
Did you touch the colors?
Think of your lover?
Could you ever turn back?
Kneel at the shoreline, beneath your breath;
You felt it.
Release the emotions – into the oceans;
This is motion,  you will never forget.

Just Beyond The Hill

July21st2014 047

Sometimes life feels, like everything we long for

Is just beyond the hill.

Sometimes it seems so far to hold your will.

Sometimes a soul gets tired, it feels like we’ve had our fill.

Some days are a blur,

Sometimes it all changes so fast,

Or it feels like we’re standing still.

Sometimes we are stronger then our wildest dreams;

Then there are times when we cry and split at the seams.

Moments inspire us, other experiences bring us to our knees.

No matter how we handle it, it’s all extraordinary.

The one thing I know for sure,

When nothing else can endure;

I find my love and hope a sanctuary.

Here… I just can’t give up on me.




Wings In The Rain (For My Little Emma Lily)


As innocence whispers on a butterfly wing;
A flower nurtures and rustles with the breeze.
A child’s imagination breathes,
A dream escapes through gallant laughter;
A vision of fairies and star – filled streams.
Dance little one;
For you are the blazing sun in a world of the angry.
Sparkle and shimmer your hope amongst us;
The skies and oceans are painted blue with your eyes,
As you trace all the mysteries with the fingers of surprise.
You are the most delicate and wondrous lullaby.
Know the heart that is fearless within you;
Is the story of greatness on a quest,
Let your pure spirit guide you,
For your miracle,
Is a light for the rest.


Pray As The Prey

July1st2014 075

Fiction dictates;
We pray or we’re prey.
Illusions resonate;
We succeed or we’ve failed.
Measure and master is life of the veiled.
Be first and conquer is the voice of deceit;
By time or give it is the way of the weak.
Ignorance shouted from the rafters one day;
Come follow the leaders or your people will pay.
The Eco systems warned us;
The animals mourned us,
We walked away.
Diversity escapes us,
Economy rapes us,
We just feed the flames.
Right or left brained?
What scientific study can we blame?
Take responsibility.
It’s up to you, it starts with me.
Life is not complicated,
If you don’t believe everything on tv.
Question authority.
Why capture an Eagle behind glass;
An American symbol of freedom?
Irony cannot be contained.
Wake up from the submission,
Take back your lives again.

Inspire (the color of mystery)

July7th2014 037

In the quiet hours, when imagination is majesty;
When thoughts ponder and you’re vivid with creativity,
As your world becomes an apparition;
As your heart goes on the mission – to find recognition in beauty;
Call out to me.
Where silence is no void,
When you listen softly – you can hear my voice.
I am the Lilly in the sunlit glow;
I am the fragrance of the blooming rose;
I am the moment you can’t ignore,
Let me inspire your beautiful soul.
Ever so quiet you’ve kept so long,
Let this light become a song.
In the birth of suggestion,
In the midst of contemplation;
Let the purpose heal the separation.
In your mind becomes a blank;
The oceans call you back to drink;
As you sail the sea of trust,
Embrace the call of the wanderlust.
Here I will meet you beyond the dream;
Where you are the fire and I am the mystery.

Dedicated to an immaculate Woosh!

The Kiss Of The Mantra

July1st2014 081

Walk gently with me;
Can you now see?
The sacred reflection,
Of infinity.
Floating on the prism of a dream;
Pure innocence, a melodic essence,
An honest sigh of simplicity.
You resonate with me.
Cascading like a warm rain;
Filling every space,
One heartbeat.
Pure tranquility.

We unify with the sun.
Our kiss is a mantra.
Unfolding like a lotus;
We are centered.
Light pours through us – as our chakras begin dancing.
No duality,
Many lives are mastered.
Namaste my dear,
Stay clear,
Love is always the answer.

You Are The Diamond

May1st2014 017

As the sun infuses the sky;
All the memories fill my mind;
What was simple, becomes sublime;
We’re Nature’s children, each – one of a kind.
When the echoes paint the day;
As colors submerge you while you play;
Will you take a moment and whisper my name?
Will you return to this sacred space?
As you walk your path of truth,
In your silence, in the blue;
Shines the diamond I see in you.
One day this love will pull us though.
Until then…
I’ll be praying too.

Chromosomatic Prisms Of Oneness

April21st2014 053

In this space, the flora and fauna is symmetry in me.

A design of infinite equation;

Every particle  is a prefect interpretation;

When the color changes, all our energy re-arranges.

What makes us human, what makes the daisy?

We are a symphony of living stages.

As the chromosomes began swaying,

We  became the essence of creation;

All the molecules know the creator.

There is no separation,

In the melodic prisms,

Of  how we’re mutated.

The Universe gave birth,

To a species of eleven.

Known in Heaven.

Found in everything.

Listen and you’ll hear them.

Our sacred being,

Our truest nature,

Our purest fusion;

Our real intention.

The sound of  inception.




Melt Within The Winds


In the beatitudes of your heart;
In the benediction from afar;
In the silence of your presence,
I see the star.
Pouring down from the connotations;
I can touch your soft vibration.
In the vastness,
Beyond imagination;
When your creations;
Need inspiration,
You meet me here.
As your life begins to unwind;
When expectation has jaded your mind;
Slip under the surface for a time.
What is unsaid,
What is sublime in bated breath;
But I know your Spirit.
Come around again,
My friend,
We shall melt within the winds.

Every Grain Of Sand


Every reflection, every glisten;

Every sparkle,

Makes us listen.

Every ray, every prism,

Every color on creation’s spectrum.

Every moment that you trust,

Closes the space,

That came between us.

Every pebble and every stone;

Every grain of sand has a home.

Every intention,

Every mention,

Every chance we had of redemption.

Every story we told to the sea;

Every inspiration we sparked from a dream.

One day you will turn around as you’re free;

Because that whisper you heard in your heart has been me.



In Your Majesty – I Bow To Thee


In this lifetime, I am honored to swim behind you.

In the wake of your delicate beauty,  in the subtle ripples of your kindness;

I watch your graceful nature guide us.

I see how the healing waters encase your honest movements.

I notice how the breeze swirls and breathes with you.

How humble your Spirit, that every branch and leaf dances in your presence.

How glorious your heart; that within each beat reveals a golden sunrise.

I see the universe in your infinite eyes.

In this moment with you; I have touched the sacred and heard the wise.

In your voice I find nature resides.

How I love thee, with deep majesty;

I bow to you,  for eternity.





Great teacher, in stillness I hear;
A call of your existence, the reason we are near.
Sit woman; give me your trust.
Surrender your ideas;
To learn this you must.
What do you see when you peer at my trunk?
Do you notice my strength,
My foundation,
My conscious?
Can you touch my experience?
Can you know my agelessness?
When the north winds howl;
Would you observe my silence?
For I am symbiotic;
With you I breathe.
Under the surface,
Reveals all my beauty.
You are like me.
Woman, there is life, rising from the ground.
I’ve connected quite deeply to all that surrounds.
For with my roots, there is no separation.
I touch the sky as I drink from Gaia!
See this directly, know the vibration.
A lesson I give you, to know beyond seeing;
What sits beneath, gives purpose it’s meaning.

We Are All Children (Dedicated to my son Felix)

Abeautifullife 079

Stand knowing on this sacred ground,
The moment you’ve lost your way,
Another is always found.
Take each step, no matter how small;
Trusting what moves you forward, won’t take you down.
We are given a lifetime to walk the path,
Notice your surroundings and make it last.
No need to leave a trail behind,
You won’t return to that place in time.
Journey with the innocence of a child;
This will soon make you wise.
When everything begins to look familiar,
Gaze up into the sky;
The stars will lead, your heart will guide.
Have no false pride.
When your feet begin to ache, sit and be still;
Creation will lay with you and recharge your will.
When it seems you’re all alone,
That the echoes and emptiness fill your bones;
Call on nature to give you song.
Find peace in trusting there is purpose to it all.
On the road, it can seem unclear;
At times there is darkness, confusion and fear.
We’ve all been here.
This is a marker on your way, to find the light of day,
You will touch clarity.
We are all children, in the beginning;
With hope,
We are children in the end.

Felix, I believe in you. I love you. NEVER EVER give up!


The Space Between


Nature is the great teacher;
Can you see in the trees?
It’s not the forest, the earth or the sky we always need.
It’s not the profound hush, the rustle or rush of the wind.
It’s not the walk, the talk or the dream.
It’s not the longing, the creating or the contemplating that sets us free.
Look simply child, could it really be;
What you seek most,
Is the space in between.

Ice Spirit

Feb28th2014 032

Suspended in time, a vision of the divine;
Shrouded, she is silent.
A mask covers her eyes;
Make no mistake, she can see where most are blind.
Surrounding her are the seven cloaks of light.
Her heart is the eternal fire.
Do not peer into the ice with your mind;
Do not seek her outline.
She reveals when the pure of soul and intention align.
Make nothing of her imprint;
Give no meaning to the ice Spirit.
She is an apparition, with no condition.
She is an echo of trust;
She will fade when the sun comes.
What does she invoke from your moment?
Are you fearless enough to own it?
She is no space of wanderlust.
Gather your hope and sentiments.
You’ll meet her again in the Universe.

Moonbeams And Dreams

aug29th2012 002

Astral release; congruent with a dream.
Moving like fluid, lit like moonbeams.
Fractals, spirals, experience infinity.
Superimposed as a kiss,
A soul-r eclipse.
Refract into bliss.
A Universe expands, from your pineal glad radiates energy.
Synergy beautiful being.
Come and infuse with me.
We are the equation of reverberation,
You speak of Ascension,
To another dimension,
We teach you to go deep.
Sublime reflexes, from the solar plexus;
You must let go to see,
The possibility.
The mind is relentless, thoughts are endless;
You must know the Spirit is free.
Creation is the siren of melody.
Breath is the harmony.
Soul is the energy.
Heart is the center of everything.
Vibrate your golden string.
You are connected and soaring.
The nomads of the spheres are exploring thee.
In your night en-devour, as your reaching through the Heavens;
Listen for me.
I sing the song of moonbeams and dreams.

We Grow

Feb22nd2014 013

Life forms beneath the surface;
Love makes it worth it.
We break ground and reach;
Side by side for eternity.
Living on sun, earth, air and rain;
Began their purpose on earth again.
This existence is one of patience;
To live in stillness,
Within the elements,
Grateful for the simpleness.
We grow, side by side;
To bloom from our hearts,
As we did in the light.


June7th2012 041

Growing and creeping across an old bench;
A mystery, a shadow, a vine of the past.
Entwined in a moment;
Hidden just beyond the darkness,
A poets verse, a song never written.
As the paint begins peeling,
The wood is revealing – a heart carved by a lovers wish.
In the silence, in the soft night air, a story is told by an ancient.
In the creeks of movement, a memory fuses into a smile;
Long ago an innocent child played here carefree and wild.
This place is ageless, this garden is sacred;
It holds reverence for all that is timeless.
Now left for ruin?
Still… the beautiful essence is captured in all who sit.